Chairman Aktas, told the taxi drivers

baskan aktas explained the transportation projects to the taxi drivers
baskan aktas explained the transportation projects to the taxi drivers

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktas, taxi cabins where Zubeyde Hanim Maternity Taxi meet the tradesmen continued the viaduct work in the region and gave information about the projects that will bring a fundamental solution to traffic.

Alinur Aktaş, who has carried out the projects that will carry Bursa to the future individually, continues to hold the pulse of the street on the one hand. President Aktas, who came together with citizens and tradesmen in every environment, visited Zübeyde Hanım Maternity Taxi Stop in the evening. President of the city street, all the problems of the taxi drivers who complain about the city complaints, suggestions and wishes to listen to President Aktas, transportation and traffic problem contributors in the point of solution, especially the taxi drivers thanked everyone.

Folded roads coming

The main agenda of the meeting was transportation when the occupational group became a taxi driver. Chairman Aktas, brought with him on the map and planned to be shared with the taxi drivers in progress. 11 September Boulevard, a branch of ongoing viaduct in the Acemlerin, 1 Kolla Mudanya road and 1 Kolla record that connect the road to the President Aktaş said, la We spend all our energy almost to the transportation. The coming year comes from the storied roads. Expropriations are very expensive because the value is high. For example, there is the Near East Ring Road, the Acemler'de thought. We are obliged to relieve the traffic, Traf he said.

Your ideas are important to us

President Aktas said that they attach great importance to the opinions and opinions of every citizen about the city regardless of the job he has done. Eh Traffic and transportation was the priority of Bursa. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this issue and especially our cabbie tradesmen. They make the city move. They get people to work, home, to his wife. For Bursa, the idea of ​​all citizens is important to us. We care about common mind. After all, we manage the city together. We have been producing projects on behalf of the city since the first day. While we are trying to relieve Bursa on many issues, especially traffic and transportation, we are trying to get together with our tradesmen, our industrialists, to get in touch with them. I would also like to thank our taxi drivers who hosted us at their stops this evening ”.

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