Dreams of the Sunflower Valley and Cycling Island

aycicegi valley and bicycle island with ruyalar reality
aycicegi valley and bicycle island with ruyalar reality

📩 06/11/2018 11:01

President Toçoğlu met with the Yenikentliler Derneği, “We gave new life and sports field in the greenery to the region. Hopefully our investments in our Yenikent region will continue. Good luck to our fellow citizens Hemş; Association President Fikri Arslan, lem Yenikent neighborhood has made a world brand. You made our dreams come true. Thank you ”he said.

Mayor of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Zeki Toçoğlu met with Yenikentliler Derneği. In addition to President Toçoğlu, President of the Yenikentliler Association, Fikri Arslan, Korucuk Neighborhood Headman Cüneyt Ulu, Camili District Headman, Yunus Özçelik, members of the association's board of directors and residents. Yenikentliler Derneği Members presented a plaque to President Toçoğlu for their investments in Yenikent.

global brand
Yenikentliler Association President Fikri Arslan, deprem After the earthquake of 1999, a new Adapazarı was established in Yenikent. Needless to be adapted to the new settlement of course it was difficult to live there and solve the problem. We had a hard time, but the future of Adapazari was Yenikent. We don't want the earthquake to be forgotten. Our President Zeki Toçoğlu always emphasizes the fact of earthquake. We would like to extend our gratitude to President Toçoğlu on behalf of 80 bin Yenikentli for the services we have provided to our region since the first day. In a very short time you have brought the Sunflower Bike Valley to our region. You have made our neighborhood a world brand. You made our dreams come true. Thank you ”he said.

Investments that add value to Yenikent
Mr. Toçoğlu, who started his speech by expressing his satisfaction from the kind visit, said: erek Thank you for your efforts. Our job is to serve our people in the best way. 1999 years have passed over the 20 earthquake. In every 30 year Sakarya is facing a major earthquake. We are preparing our preparations for the earthquake. Yenikent region is developing every day with our investments. The satisfaction of our fellow citizen also pleases us. Ham

New swimming pool
Toçoglu, hizmet Sunflower Valley and Bicycle Island in a short time we have put into service. We will host the World Championship here. At the same time, the green spaces will allow our families and children to enjoy their time with pleasure. We're gonna get a swimming pool in the area. First he had the idea of ​​doing it in the Sunflower Valley. Now we are working on a different place. There is a land of 25 acres in Korucuk region. Our evaluations continue. God willing, we will implement the most beautiful for the region. İn

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