Atlas Logistics Awards Winners

atlas logistics owners have found their owners
atlas logistics owners have found their owners

The Atlas Logistics Awards continue to add value to the brands of the sector in 2018. Exporters who stand out with their contribution to the logistics sector have also met for the third time. In the 9 competition, 2018 has received a record number of applications.

With the support of the media of the logistics sector and the support of non-governmental organizations, 9 was held at IFC in 15 November 2018. 82 was a candidate for the awards.

In the ceremony hosted by the international logitrans Transport Logistics Fair, the committee gave a speech on behalf of the organizing committee; "The competition for us, 'ingenuity is subject to compliment the words we started." Said Ilker Altun, "Atlas Logistics Awards in so far members of Turkey's transportation and logistics industry, large and small competitors was 525. In 2018, a record number of participations took place in various branches. I also congratulate the 82 candidate for the contest. Yarış İlker Altun later said:

Lar In times of economic instability, anyone who has succeeded in carrying on their activities deserves the award. However, it is necessary to be a candidate to take the Logistics Award Atlas.

The winners of this competition, who are approved for each platform, can be proud and proud to have won the winners for their success and self-confidence. This is their right.

Turkey has a long way to go in the transportation and logistics industry on the world trade routes. We're gonna see much better days. As a journalist and broadcaster, I believe that we will be walking together with our 34 fair in the 12 year we are in the sector as well as our 9 competition. Gaz

As in the previous years, this year, the activity data, the evaluation of logistics projects and online voting in three different branches of competition, the candidates are competing with their own applications.

Total 26 Award Winners

In the 5 category of services based on transport documentation, the evaluation was made. In the same category, the award evaluation results for document-based services were given as follows:

International Logistics Operators: ARKAS Logistics
Domestic Logistics Operators: CEYNAK Logistics
International Transportation Organizers: OMSAN Lojistik
Domestic Transportation Organizers: FEVZİ GANDUR Logistics
International Commercial Goods: LOGITRANS Logistics

In addition to the authorization documents of the Ministry of Transport, the following results were obtained in the applications made according to membership such as chamber, association, union:

International Marine Transportation Companies (Shipowners): MEDKON LINES
International Sea Transportation Companies (Forwarder): GLOBELINK ÜNİMAR Lojistik
Railway Transport Companies (Operators): MEDLOG Lojistik
Rail Transport Companies (Forwarder): SARP INTERMODAL
International Air Freight Forwarding Agencies
International Air Transport (Forwarder): GENEL TRANSPORT
Port Operators: MERSİN International Port Operations.

In the competition, four projects were awarded in the category of Logistics Project Awards, which resulted in the selection of jury members:

Mas Regulation on the Transport of Heavy and Bulk Loads ”with the project Taşın AND (Heavy Transporters Association Hav)
ARKAS Logistics with AS TANAP esi project
TRANSORIENT with I Biofarma Logistics ”project
“Increasing Awareness on Women Employment in the Logistics Sector Sektör

Candidate selection and voting procedures In the online competition held by the website users, the results obtained were registered by the jury. In the competition, in which a total of 6 candidates competed in 29 categories, the results were determined by votes from all segments of the logistics industry.

Top Rated Logistics Company of the Year: CEYNAK Logistics
Logistics Supplier of the Year: FORD TRUCKS
Logistics Manager of the Year (Highway): EFE GÖKTUNA (Fevzi Gandur Logistics)

Logistics Manager of the Year (Seaway): OĞUZ TÜMİŞ (Samsunport)
Logistics Manager of the Year (Airline): HASAN ŞAFAK (Fevzi Gandur Logistics)
Warehouse Manager of the Year: ALİ SEVEN (Ceynak Lojistik)

The foreign trade companies that won the “Contribution to Logistics Award” given for the third time this year are as follows:


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