ARUS Participates in Twinning Program B2B in European-Balkan Countries

arus european balkan countries have participated in the b2b matching program
arus european balkan countries have participated in the b2b matching program

In Zagreb, Croatia, the Union of Anatolian Rail Vehicles (ARUS) Coordinator İlhami Pektaş participated in the European Union Clustering Policy Learning and Bilateral Business Talks Organization.

On the first day of the 2 program, seminars on successful implementation and successful implementation were held. These seminars featured key speakers from the European Commission. In the next section, a seminar on International Clustering Collaborations was held and important ways to cooperate were discussed. In the last chapter, a training was given on the Clustering Joint Resources Council and Intelligent Specialization, and important information was received to make the Cluster Coordination more accurate. At the end of the day, 65 participated in the program from the Balkans.

The second day of the program started with the 65 Binary business negotiations with the pre-appointment of the cluster. ARUS met with representatives of the same sector in order to realize important business associations. As a result of these interviews, the first of the steps taken by the clusters for international cooperation, the Cluster Managers shared important experiences with each other, while the most important outcomes of the program were initiatives to cooperate between the Clusters.

On the last day of the program, after the bilateral business negotiations, a site visit was made on production. During his visit to the family company Feroimpex in Croatia, which produces domestic spare parts in the automotive sector, he discussed various collaborations between our members and Croatian companies.

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