Antalya 3. No Stop at Night in the Stage Rail System Project

antalya 3 stage do not stop at night in the rail system project 1
antalya 3 stage do not stop at night in the rail system project 1

7 day 24 hours non-stop work. 3 between Varsak-Zerdalilik conducted by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. Work on the Stage Rail System Project continues at full speed day and night. A team of 100 people work at different points throughout the night.

The Metropolitan Municipality continues to weave Antalya with the most modern public transportation system. 25 of Varsak-Zerdalilik km 3. Furious work continues in the Stage Rail System Project. The teams are working on the 7 day based on 24 hours to train the Varsak-Otogar stage of the project at the end of December by order of President Türel. In a project with a world record speed, the number of teams and equipment was increased and a night shift was created in order to prevent citizens from being victimized.

Face Persons Night Team

Every night in the evening, a team of up to ten people, working uninterrupted until the morning. In the 700 million pound project, which is the largest public investment of Antalya, the installation of the 5 kilometer line was completed in the rails installation starting from the Varsak storage area. On the other hand, from the Sakarya Park in the direction of the Bus Station Junction was started to lay the rail. Ray welding operations will start soon, said.

39 Station Will Take Place

3 starting from Kepez Varsak and joining the nostalgic tram line at the Training and Research Hospital in Meltem. There will be 38 pieces 1 pieces of ground level 39 units at XNUMX units. The line, which will start from the old town hall, will continue until the Suleyman Demirel Boulevard, Sakarya Boulevard, Bus Station Junction, Dumlupinar Boulevard, Medical Faculty, Meltem, Training Research Hospital and Museum and it will join the old nostalgia trolley. Within the scope of the project, the nostalgia tram line between Museum and Zerdalilik will also be renewed from the beginning and will be arranged as arrival and departure.

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