Young People in Ankara Want Most Metro

ankarali young people most want subway
ankarali young people most want subway

📩 14/11/2018 11:23

Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna, AKParti Ankara Provincial Youth Branch President Ali Osman Ozdemir and delegation of the members of the board accepted the office.

They exchanged views on issues ranging from President Tuna to the local elections approaching the city administration.


AK Party Ankara Provincial Youth Branch Presidency members conveyed to the President Tuna the demands of the youth living in Başkent.

High School and university students from the President Tuna to increase the number of Metro and Ankaray stating that the members of the AK Party Provincial Youth Arms Presidency members, President Tuna also learned about the new projects about Rail Systems.

Stressing the necessity of extending Rail Systems from the first day of his duty in the Capital, President Tuna said, Sistem The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure works. We are working hard on this, but these studies can not be practiced today. Especially we need to pay attention to planning and infrastructure. It should be done in advance that the construction cost is reasonable. As a result, studies and expenditures are national wealth. Net


President Tuna'nın AK Party Ankara Province Youth Branches members of the important day in meeting with members of the upcoming local elections.

Ali Osman Özdemir, Chairman of the AK Party Ankara Provincial Youth Branches, said: ğin As the youth of the last 1 year, we feel that we have a significant change in Ankara and we are very pleased with this. 24 hours of uninterrupted transportation in Ankara, free wi-fi facilities, opportunities given to young musicians at the metro stations, our youth is appreciated. Hale

Mahmoud Cavga, Head of Local Governments of the Ankara Branch of the AK Party, said: Hopefully, we would like to see a valuable name like you in Ankara. It is our chance to work with a metropolitan mayor who is trying to solve their problems.

With the Youth Meetings, President Tuna gave instructions to the bureaucrats to increase the number of interactive question-answer organizations that will be held over the internet and social media.


Chairman Tuna, AK Party Ankara Provincial Youth Branch members shared their experiences on the city administration.

Noting the problems in urbanization, President Tuna said:

Iz The situation of our children is obvious at the point we have arrived today. Neighborhood culture is not experiencing the presence of large buildings neighbor does not recognize the neighbor. He brought the insecurity with him. Restriction of children's social environment Children and young people have driven themselves to look for other media. Nowadays, the internet is a blessing, but there are mistakes and bad aspects. With the change of city culture, there are people who don't know who lives in your side of the building. This neighborhood culture also affects the family structure. Family structure is the cornerstone of the future, but when the family is degenerated, young people and children become miserable. Those kids are getting into drugs to express themselves. The basis of these problems comes from rent-based urbanization. Rant based urbanization finished our culture. Crooked construction has brought the crooked family system. There has to be a lot of effort. There are serious studies on this subject, but you also have the task of young people. I believe that you have developed yourself with our traditions and values ​​by communicating well with each other. Bir

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