Ankara Metro Breaks Record in Passenger Issue

ankara metro records record passenger
ankara metro records record passenger

In Ankara, the record for rail transport was broken. The number of passengers using the subway as a means of public transport has exceeded the 10 million threshold for the first time in October.

Ankara, the citizens prefer fast, reliable and comfortable because of the metro, public transport to cover most of the load.

Every day tens of thousands of people use the metro from 06.00 to 01.00 at night.

Metro record in Ankara

In October 10 over a million passengers took the subway.

There are two different metro lines in Ankara: Batıkent and Çayyolu. The starting point is the Red Crescent, which is the heart of the capital.

It is possible to transfer from these subway lines to Keçiören and Törekent metro lines.

Source: Emre Yüncü / TRT Haber

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