Number of Cordless Chair Charging Stations Will Increase

The number of smart chair charging stations will increase at the metro and metrobus stops 2
The number of smart chair charging stations will increase at the metro and metrobus stops 2

Cordless chair charging stations continue to make life easier for disabled citizens. CK Energy Boğaziçi Electricity General Manager Halit Bakal gave the good news that the number of cordless wheelchair charging stations placed on the European side of 13 will go to 25 next year.

CK Enerji Battery powered chair charging stations placed on the European side of Istanbul in 2016 continue to make life easier for disabled citizens with the un Enlighten Life ında project, which was initiated with the support of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and voluntarily initiated by Boğaziçi Electric employees.

Battery-powered chair charging stations, which have been established so far, are covered by 54 kilometers in Istanbul and 52 kilometers in the metrobus line.

This means that in a total area of ​​106 kilometers, people with disabilities can access cordless charging stations. With the revenues of the events organized within the scope of the project, the 2019 unit is aimed to install a more cordless chair charging station until the end of 12. Thus, the disabled citizens on a route such as about 139-140 kilometers, without the power outage problem can take the lead with cordless chairs.

Avrupa In the 2016, we are implementing a project on the European side of Istanbul. In line with the demands from our employees, we started this project in order to facilitate the lives of our citizens who travel with cordless chairs with the revenues obtained from the activities we organize together with them on a voluntary basis. L

De We will be able to charge 106 and 12 at our 1 charging station and 13 at the 11 charging station at no charge. This allows them to travel around an area of ​​12-2 kilometers. This corresponds to the 10 time. As we set up a charging station at every XNUMX kilometer, they have the opportunity to access without interruption. N

With the revenues generated from this year's events, Xalum announced that 33 will aim to install more charging stations on the 12 kilometer line next year. X We aim to reach the 140 charging station on the 25 kilometer. And we want the disabled people to be in life like we do ler.

Ahmet Xerum (9) who lost his ability to walk as a result of polio he experienced at the time when 60 was just ği is very useful for us. Where are we going to use these stations, we can charge. With our cars, we can come and go where we want. We don't have any problems. Herhangi

Bitti When we were finished, we were going home, we couldn't go any where else. If we had our own charge, or if we were to stay on the road, we would benefit from a shop. The increase in the number of stations is very good. We have many disabled friends. They can also take advantage of this work. Because when these stations aren't there, you can't go anywhere. Thanks to these, we can easily enter the society. If you ask me, it's been late even by this time. May Allah bless those who did; because no friend could go anywhere. He would have to go to a shop when his battery had run out, and if he did, he could use the battery. Apart from that, neither metros nor shopping malls were able to go. Thanks to these, we can easily come and go. I didn't have any trouble coming here right now. Because I have a charge. I don't have a problem that my charge is over. I can easily dock and charge. I want such stations to be everywhere Ben.

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