Akçaray's New Record is 1 Million Passengers

akcarayin new record 1 million passengers
akcarayin new record 1 million passengers

It has been provided by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality for transportation to Kocaeli. operated by Akçaray, continues to break records. 1 Since the date of August 2017 Akçaray continued its service in İzmit, adding a new one to its records and 1 carried a total of 1 million passengers a month. Akçaray tram line carrying more than half of Kocaeli, which has a population of 1 million 883 bin 270 with its last record, showed once more that it won the love of the people.

Akçaray tram line; Daily, weekly and finally the monthly 1 was able to add another one to the record with millions of passengers. 272 on weekdays, 240 expedition at the weekend Akçaray; In total, 15 offers service to the people of Kocaeli. Fast, safe and economical way to go where they want to go to the tram, every day 06: 00 - 24: 00 works. In addition, the 15 once every minute Akçaray, 5 minutes in the peak hours until the flight is reduced.

In the daily use, the new station of 4 will be built on the Akçaray tram line, which the citizens frequently prefer. 2.2 km-long line, stations, Seka State Hospital, Convention Center, Schools District and Beachway will be located. With the addition of the 15 km tram line to the existing tram line 5 km, the length of the tram line in Kocaeli will be increased to 20 km.

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