Metro In Adana, Will Go To The University And Will Be Taken From Turgut Ozal Boulevard

adana metro will go to universiteye turgut ozal boulevard at night
adana metro will go to universiteye turgut ozal boulevard at night

Hüseyin Sözlü, Mayor of Adana Metropolitan Municipality, stressed that they have already made critical investments in the completion of the metro with the double-track railways in the bridge projects.

Adana Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Hüseyin Sözlü reminded that they are implementing the bridge projects for completion of the second stage of the Adana Metro (Light Rail System), which is the subject of the debate before the local elections, and that there will be a double track railway at the Devlet Bahceli Bridge and İlim Yolu Boulevard. President Hüseyin Sözlü said, “We are already making critical investments in the continuation of the Metro line to the campus of Çukurova University. In this context, we are building a double-track railway on the bridge on Science Road Boulevard. In addition, the State Garden Bridge will pass through a new line of 7.5 kilometers from Turgut Ozal Boulevard to continue our plans to continue, den he said.


Legendary Mayor of the Radio and Radio Turan, who live in the important statements, Hüseyin Sözlü, the Mayor of Adana, said that görev I am not a candidate if anyone can complete the metro, complete the metro, görev said his predecessor Aytaç Durak at 2014. Underlining that the 4,5 has given priority to transportation projects during its annual service period, President Hüseyin Sözlü said, Söz The completion of the Metron is not only the Aytaç Durak brain, but the demand of all the Adanans. We take into account the metro in our big projects that we have implemented in this regard. On the second stage route of the metro, the 35-meter Science Road Boulevard will have a double-track railway on our bridge. There will be 6 lane road and 8 meter wide double track rail at the State Garden Bridge rising as Adana's reputation monument. The railroad on the Devlet Bahçeli Bridge will continue between the university and Turgut Özal Boulevard as a new line of 7,5 kilometers. We plan, plan and implement all of these projects in the direction of the future of Adana. However, in this regard, the government should be fair, as in other cities. not only inherited the metro in Turkey, Adana is underground, "he said.


25 Adana Mayor Mayor Aytaç Durak'ın 2014 local elections in the support of the President Hüseyin Sözlü stated that he was grateful for this and said: 'Aytaç Durak Bey chose the difficult one and supported me. I'm a man with a sense of loyalty. No matter what the choice is today, it is respectful to me. I respect it if he / she wants to be a candidate or if he / she supports one. Aytaç brain ideas are definitely important to us. This is the case in contemporary democracies. The demand for completion of the metron is the demand of all the Adanans. Our desire is to finish the metro, to open new lines. Bizim


In order to relieve the transportation of Adana, 100 will make the planning of the year, and they have made the necessary arrangements in the development plans. President Hüseyin Sözlü stated the following:

Üs Our people appreciate the relaxation in the Alparslan Turkes Boulevard with the bridge of Gemini. We started three new bridge projects. 2 units on the Seyhan River make a bridge over the Ceyhan River to the west of the historic Misis Bridge. We are doubling the width of the Kyrenia Bridge. The closure of the Karnıyarık pass, the crossroads of the museum crossroads and the expansion adjacent to the army house brought great relief in this region. We are now connecting the motorway with Aliya Izzetbegovic Boulevard. With the improvements we will make, our citizens will provide more convenient transportation in the city traffic. We've completed the tender. However, we have problems with monetary resources. Steel barriers, steel barriers. But my alliance is my people. Our alliance with my compatriots continues. Hemş


Iler While the mayor was elected, CHP voters voted for me. I also know the vote I received from HDP and ÖDP. It is our neck's duty not to regret anyone. If we were comfortable in financing the Devlet Bahceli Bridge, we would open up these days. But our 240 million pounds have not been approved. Iller Bank 140 million pounds in our loan debt. In the same period, Gaziantep's Iller Bank debt 1 million 150 million pounds. The 10 floor of our debt. Who dragged you into debt? They say there's no money in your safe. There is no money in the safe of the municipality that produces jobs. I've worked like this for years. Every day 500 thousand pounds asphalt, 500 thousand pounds mazota money are invested. God bless us from previous presidents, but compared to previous periods, we broke asphalt decors. The tonnage of asphalt was a thousand 200 lire, now the 3 bin 200 pounded. We didn't do this hike. It will take some time for us to implement the solutions we set out for the planning of the next 100 year. But I can easily say that we have rehabilitated to save the future of the city. Ama

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