Adana Metro should be transferred to the Ministry

adana subway should be transferred to the ministry
adana subway should be transferred to the ministry

Republican People's Party (CHP) Adana Deputy Prof. Dr. Müzeyyen Şevkin pointed out the bleeding wounds of Adana during the budget negotiations of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

In the meeting attended by the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Dr. Şevkin stressed that the cabinet was insensitive to Adana's problems. Dr. Enthusiasm, which has become all the chaos in the city of Adana in Turkey and traffic problems to hit the scalpel pointed to the necessity of preparing the transport master plan.


The former Prime Minister and CHP Chairman Bülent Ecevit, who commemorated his death, commemorated his death. Şevkin, on the road to Adana-Karatas 4 people died in the last 6 month, he noted. Emphasizing that many people were injured and expressed their families' grief, deaths and injuries on the road, whose name became a etmek way of death adı, it was embarrassing to express the pain in the eyes of families. Şevkin, Mediterranean, Haydaroglu, Seyhan, Havutlu, Doğankent and left-handed settlements in the road junction arrangement, traffic lights, pedestrian pavement, the bottom and overpasses are not made, he said. Dr. Şevkin said, lan How many more people have to die on this road that has been provisionally accepted without completion? U I want to draw your attention to this road, u Mr. Minister said.


Cukurova Airport in the Yenice region, which attracted attention to the story of the snake. Şevkin said, yedi In Çukurova, the largest agricultural land in the world, it is necessary to act with the awareness that there is a need for seven hundred and fifty years and nine hundred years for both groundwater and 3 square meters. Çukurova Regional Airport due to the destruction of the first class agricultural land has been watched and the airport has not been completed yet Ç he said.

He added that Adana Şakirpaşa Airport will increase its capacity and change its face, and that both Adana and the region will gain a new identity and that the first class agricultural land will be preserved. Şevkin, again in the 2006 'Tourism Encouragement Law' and taken into consideration by the Council of Ministers of culture and tourism protection zone, which is declared no work done on the coast of Karatas-Yumurtalik said. Dr. Şevkin said, beklen How long is it expected to wait? What more do we expect to bring these districts into tourism? Bu.


Ediy In 2015, how long after the ferry services of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) KKAdana Karataş, which is being undertaken by the Municipality of Karatas, is expected to be supported? What do you think about these ferries that will make a significant contribution to Adana's economy? Adana he asked.

Dr. 1996 in the project is very badly designed and the construction of the 1998 Adana Light Rail System Project is also a great burden for the Adbanılar said Dr. said. Şevkin, 22 repeatedly since the President, Prime Minister and ministerial level has been promised, but the transfer of the rail system to the Ministry, he said.


In many cities of the world and the world, transportation is one of the most important factors affecting the life of the society. Şevkin said:

"Almost all of the traffic system in Turkey due to the last sixteen years of rapid and unplanned urbanization process today wrapped up a complex structure, casualties of the war casualties in traffic accidents is almost past cases. The irregularity of public transport in cities, narrow streets, pavements that have been transformed into a car park or a commercial shop, All these problems continue to grow. If we want our people in the city to live safe and peaceful, we have to prepare a transportation plan in all cities. It should also be in harmony, coordination and co-ordination with transportation master plan work, environmental plan, master plan, prevention plan and implementation development plans. Applications that invite motor vehicle traffic to city centers should be avoided, to reduce the density of vehicles on the roads, to increase the passenger density in vehicles. transportation investments in Turkey should be directed to public transportation, bicycle paths should become compulsory in all cities. "

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Şevkin stated that he would respond to the questions in writing after the speech.

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