The Story of Renovated Rails for Abdülhamid Han

story of renewed rails for abdulhamid han
story of renewed rails for abdulhamid han

Sultan II. Abdulhamid Khan, the Medina section of the Hijaz Railways during the construction, Hz. He wanted the work done to prevent noise and vibration for reverence. For this purpose, this sensitivity shown by the technique of the period laid on the track rails, met with the technology of Istanbul Metro met.

II.Abdülhamid Khan's grave in the Çemberlitaş region T1 Kabataş-Bağcılar tram line launched in this region to minimize the sound of the project was launched. With the 81 day-long works, the railway infrastructure in the region has been completely renewed by using special materials to minimize noise. Within the scope of the project, the 306 meter rail was replaced by the revision of the 150 meter rail line in two directions and the XNUMX meter rail in front of the tomb.



Nobody knows, but the project belongs to my dear brother ey
31 December 2016 night, Sultan II. Abdülhamid Han's descendants of the television program that sets out the following sentence;

Lar Cennetmekan Abdulhamid Khan is not so good that he made the Hijaz railway to Medina rails, so that he could make noises as he approached the presence of the Prophet. Deki we must produce a solution. bir

Hayati Brother says this and passes aka Obviously, does not neglect that anyone will hear or call this call. But he knows he's wrong, a few days later, when the phone rings. Arayan, Metro Istanbul Inc. Mr. Kasım Kutlu is the General Manager gay Mr. Kasım states that he is listening carefully and will endeavor to implement this project as soon as possible. After a long time passes, Hayati Brother thinks that the promise given to him is forgotten, but he will not.

November Kutlu, 10 February 2018, the death of Abdul Hamid Khan 100. He gives the good news to the Faith he calls on his anniversary.

Kaf We will install plastic warning systems in front of the tomb with vibration-reducing rails and a light warning system to prevent the mechanic from stealing the horn, which is enough to fulfill your desire in “
The Faith is thankful and the project is completed at the end of May and put into service.

In those days we have already included this beautiful service in our newspaper and on the corner vay In the 150 meter section where the rails are renewed, the led warning system is now activated during the tram crossing and the pedestrians are warned without a train horn.

The smart system also allows the slow, moving elderly, disabled, baby-strapped citizens to complete their passage. Red-colored leds, pensive or wearing the headphones are also warned. But there is a significant shortcoming in the project.

I just got some good news recently from Hayati İnanç Geç
He suggested not hanging a signboard about the application to the place where the tomb was located aktar However Mr. Kasim Bey called and asked him to pass this information to the passengers on the trolley, if possible, to deliver the text to be written to the board. When I shared the information with me, I suggested that they make announcements in Turkish and English when passing through that section of the 150 meter, rather than a signboard. No matter which one is accepted, a major shortcoming of this service will be finally completed.

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