Minister Turhan participated in Istanbul Airport Afforestation

Turhan participated in the tour of Istanbul airport
Turhan participated in the tour of Istanbul airport

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure M. Cahit Turhan, under the protocol they put into practice, such as the Istanbul Airport planted three trees instead of a tree, said: "However, the company IGA here showed the devotion to plant five trees instead of a tree." He said.

Minister Turhan, Istanbul Forest Regional Directorate and IGA held in cooperation with the inde We are sprouting our future ğ tree planting ceremony in his speech, the Istanbul Airport talked about the opening process.

The airport is located on an area of ​​75 million square meters, other parts of the stage will be put into service, Turhan said, will make the center of the world civil aviation, he said.

As the projects are put into operation, it is stated that they compensate for the environmental problems and they are compensated according to the environmental legislation and contract provisions and that they will plant trees in this context.

Turhan, rehabilitated the area of ​​the airport by revealing that they have created a beautiful facility, said:

Esi Instead of the trees that were cut here, according to the information given to me, about 2 million 300 thousand, it was necessary to compensate this because of the abolition of this kind of forest by legislation. Within the scope of our protocol with the General Directorate of Forestry, we plan three trees instead of one tree in such projects as in other infrastructure projects. However, the company IGA here showed the devotion to plant five trees instead of a tree. This afforestation activity should be done mainly in the region where the project is established. We will carry out this afforestation activity at the locations where our General Directorate of Forestry shows us at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Orman

Turhan, not only in these projects, but they have used three times in all of the forest projects they use, they emphasize that they have afforestation.

Bildir Because our forests are our biggest value, our forests are our biggest capital, iz Turhan said.

Turhan added that they will protect and develop not only the forest but also other natural resources and added that this issue has responsibilities towards future generations.

The first seedlings met with the soil

After the speeches, Minister Turhan and Regional Director of Forest Fire, IGA CEO and General Manager Samsunlu and those accompanying him first seedlings brought together with the soil.

Minister Turhan the first seedlings of the land and his retinue then took a collective photo.

IGA, which will conduct the 25 year-round operation of Istanbul Airport, will provide planting of more than 50 million seedlings to 10 square kilometers within the scope of the forestation project spread throughout the country.

Environmental features tons of carbon dioxide annually 30,7 savings projected to pass HDI life to the Istanbul Airport, Turkey will pass in front of the average 70 thousand tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year with the completion of the afforestation project will be spread on the surface.

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