Malatians Want to Restore Blue Train in 4 September

Maldives 4 eylul wants blue train back
Maldives 4 eylul wants blue train back

The 4 September Blue Train, called the legend, no longer operates. Malatians want that train back

A subject that everyone is eagerly waiting for from seventeen to seventies 4 September Blue Train issue te It is a trend that has not yet been in operation, but it is sympathetic to all sectors when it is active. Malatians want this train that hasn't been traveling for a long time Uzun

As it is known, in 2016 it was reported that the flights of 4 September Blue Train operated between Malatya-Ankara-Malatya were canceled due to Başkentray studies.


State Railways (TCDD) 5. In a written statement made by the Regional Directorate, it was stated that due to the reconstruction of the Sincan, Ankara and Kayaş lines due to Başkentray in the investment program, the road will be closed to train traffic with 11 July 2016 and 11 December 2017. As of this date, the mentioned train stops were stopped.


On the other hand, almost another year has passed since the dates mentioned in the said announcement. Despite the completion of the road to the Blue Train did not start to take the attention of the Malathians. 2 has been waiting for the train for more than a year and is still expected. According to information obtained, the number of passengers in the region after the removal of the Blue Train is said to decrease.

Citizens commenting on the subject, in general terms, says:

Imdi 4 September Blue Train was ours. Citizen he toured the train lot and loved him very much. It provided convenience at the transportation point. For years, that train doesn't come. We want that train back. Biz

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