Kardemir Earns 3 Million TL In 47.5 Quarter

Kardemir 3 has made 47 5 million TL profit
Kardemir 3 has made 47 5 million TL profit

📩 06/11/2018 10:41

Karabuk Iron and Iron Factories (KARDEMÄ ° R) have made a net profit of 47,5 million liras in the third quarter of this year.

The statement made from the factory is as follows; Our company profitably outperformed the third quarter of 2018, which experienced intense currency movements, and earned a net profit of approximately 3 million TL in the third quarter alone. According to the 3 47,5-month Consolidated Financial Statements announced to the public today, our sales revenues increased by 2018% compared to the same period of the previous year, to 9 million TL, our EBITDA amount increased by 40% to 3.952 million TL and our net profitability increased by 214% to 1.375 million TL. while reaching, our company's EBITDA margin was 169%.

For Kardemir with their labor and sweat, for Karabük, we are thankful to all our employees for the added value they create for our product and we celebrate.

We would like to thank to all our investors who continue their trust and support to Kardemir under all conditions, and to all our stakeholders who always support Kardemir as the indispensable industry of our country.

Our goals in financial discipline and market dynamism by developing our corporate infrastructure, acting with the principle of constant improvement to break the successful business results achieved in all of our business processes we will continue to believe.

The nine-month consolidated financial figures of Kardemir for 2018 were as follows.

Consolidated net asset: 7.971.342.891-TL
Consolidated turnover: 3.952.160.740-TL
EBITDA: 1.375.521.701-TL
EBITDA Margin:% 34,8
EBITDA TL / ton: 843-TL
FAVÃ ton K USD / tonne: 181-USD
3. Net Net Mix: 47.454.791-TL

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