Mobile Taxi To Istanbul Airport

New airport to go by taxi
New airport to go by taxi

To get to the new airport by taxi you need to take a flight ticket, so if you can find a taxi to take you.

New Istanbul Airport opened. Buses connected to the municipality started to provide services for transportation from five different points of the city. If you are far away from buses or taking a taxi because you are in a hurry, your job is not easy.

One of the most discussed issues in the ongoing dispute between the yellow taxi and the UBER was the problems posed by the taxi drivers. The short-distance taxi drivers are now complaining of a long distance.

Only 34 Coaches can get passengers from the new airport. This is the basis of the long distance problem. Taxis say they'll be back empty after taking passengers to the airport.

HabertürkEsra Boğazlıyan from four different points went to the new airport and compared the prices. These prices are not included in the 5.5 TL paid for the transition from the third bridge. Boğazlıyan has calculated the distances and charges using both E-5 and TEM alternatives.

Accordingly, prices and distances are as follows:

TAKSİM (via E-5): 102 TL - 39 KM
TAKSİM (via TEM): 129 TL - 50 KM
SARIYER (Via E-5): 112 TL - 43 KM
SARIYER (via TEM): 97 TL - 37 KM
BAKIRKOY (via E-5): 117 TL - 45 KM
BAKIRKOY (From TEM): 122 TL - 47 KM
B. DRAWER (via E-5): 147 TL - 45 KM
B. DRAWER (Via TEM): 159 TL - 62 KM

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