Is the Rail System coming to Sakarya?

Is the rail system coming to Sakaryaya
Is the rail system coming to Sakaryaya

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department prepared by the 'Transportation Master Plan' within the scope of a company specialized in the business, in our city for more than a long time 6 light rail system, the President gave a briefing about Zeki Toçoğlu.


While the date page 24 was showing October, that is 10 days ago, Metropolitan Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu and his team received briefings about transportation in Disaster Coordination Center, a short name AKOM. Toçoğlu'nun this briefing newspaper headlines 'Transportation was laid on the table' was reflected in all aspects. However, a very important development took place on that day, and the Sakarya Public Information Center reached this development.


At the meeting held in AKOM, President Zeki Toçoğlu was given a briefing about the N Light Rail System ayı works which have been worked on by a team of experts for more than 6. The company officials, who have experts on the Light Rail System, have transferred their statistics, analyzes and feasibility studies to Toçoğlu on the giant screen with the help of slides and images.


The prepared briefing took place at 3 separate route. Accordingly 1. The Adapazarı Station was designated as Sakarya University Campus. Expert team 2. Adapazari Station as the route between Yenikent. The last route is Adapazari Station, Sakarya Street, Erenler, D-100 highway crossing, SATSO front and 1. Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ) was determined.


Although it is not certain between these routes given by the company, President Toçoğlu said, D Adapazarı Station, Sakarya Street, Erenler, D-100 highway crossing, SATSO front and 1. Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ)) learned that the line looked hot. During the briefing offered by the experts, the light rail system was offered to Toçoğlu in detail, as well as the options for building the line at a time.


Adapazarı Station was also brought to the agenda with the light rail system study prepared by the company. Adapazari Station, which is the starting point of the separate route prepared by experts, will be revised according to the system. A number of innovations were planned, including landscaping in and around the station, and a dialogue with TCDD was planned.


The metropolitan municipality has been pushing the button on the light rail system for many years, based on a number of criteria, including passenger density and cost of business. The company is known for its significant works in its portfolio and sent to Sakarya by the company. The team has been carrying out a feasibility study in Adapazarı, Erenler and Serdivan districts. During the studies, the number of passengers, number of vehicles, age group, road density, based on many criteria such as the road. During the feasibility studies, electronic devices measuring the number of vehicles were connected to many intersections and main roads. The crews, even traveling by public transport, chatted with the passengers about the transportation. During the conversations, the demands, complaints and requests of the public were also noted.


The route of the light rail system starting from Adapazarı Gar is Sakarya Street, Erenler, D-100 pass, SATSO Önü, 1. Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ) will be. The location of the stops planned to be made along the route is calculated by an expert team according to the pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality has been pushing the button for the light rail system after the analysis and statistics it has done about a company that has been specialized in 6 for a long time.

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  1. It should be in a beautiful city like the city of Sakarya in the already big as it was even late.

  2. It should be in a beautiful city like the city of Sakarya in the already big as it was even late.