2.100 Km Asphalt from Denizli Metropolitan

renewed ways
renewed ways

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which started to serve 19 districts and 622 neighborhoods after Denizli became a metropolitan city, so far, the 550st and 1550nd floor asphalt works were carried out on the 1 kilometers road with hot asphalt and 2 kilometers on the road.

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which started to serve 19 districts and 622 neighborhoods with Denizli being a metropolitan city, continues its superstructure works in the districts together with the city center without a break. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, adding new ones every day to the asphalt attack initiated for the citizens to travel more quality, comfortable and safe, has done hot asphalt work on the road of 550 kilometers so far. While this work of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality was appreciated by the citizens, the 1st and 2nd floor asphalt works carried out throughout the city reached a record. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has made great progress in terms of transportation needs especially in the districts of the districts with the 1550 kilometers 1st and 2nd floor asphalt works.

“We are here to serve“

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan stated that they did not negate the confidence of the citizens in themselves and stated that they continue to work day and night to make everyone living in Denizli happier, more comfortable and peaceful. Noting that they attach great importance to transportation investments for citizens to travel more comfortably, comfortably and safely, they have made many investments such as bridge intersections, underpasses and overpasses, and they have implemented 2 thousand 100 kilometers of asphalt work in addition to these, “Where are we? If a citizen has a problem, we set out to solve any of our citizens' problems. We are there to serve, we said. Metropolitan will continue to provide larger services, ”he said.

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