5 is month No results! What Happened Wagon Repair Factory Tender?

5 is the result of the month of wagon repair factory tender
5 is the result of the month of wagon repair factory tender

In Malatya, 40 was started as the Wagon Repair Factory years ago, but after the use of this purpose was abandoned, the decision was not made on what to use it for many times and was put under the name of privatization many times. Finally, the Privatization Administration (PA) 28 May 2018 tender of the Turkish Red Crescent in the tender for the construction of the prefabricated disaster house and the tender of the facility where the tender was found to be suitable, despite the month of 5 month could not result.

28 tender in May, Turkey's Red Crescent Society as well as the ASC Architecture Decoration Advertising Construction Industry and Trade Co. Ltd. The proposal of the Turkish Red Crescent, which was offered by the participation of 83 million TL, was approved by the PA and sent to the Privatization High Council for approval.

The fact that the tender submitted to the ÖYK for approval in the first week of June 2018 was not finalized by the ÖYK despite the 5 months passed since the end of the month, has caused concerns that the VOF will continue to be sold and unavailable this time as many times.

MPs are required to make the necessary attempts to conclude the tender as soon as possible.

Malatya President of the Turkish Red Crescent, Dr. Kerem Kınık, after ÖİB's proposals were approved and sent to ÖYK for approval, 18 June In 2018, the editor-in-chief of Hürriyet newspaper made a statement to our dear Vahap Munyar of Malatya and explained to them about the activities they planned to do in the facility. he wrote:

I The President of KIZILAY Kerem Kinik shared the development he knew would attract my interest in the iftar meeting organized on the occasion of the 150 foundation of the institution:

- We will produce disaster accommodation systems in the old wagon factory in Malatya.

The transfer of the old wagon factory to Kizilay, which has been on the agenda with various formulas, has been my interest for years. I asked Kınık, Malatya Hekimhan:

- Is the Red Crescent taking over the old wagon factory free of charge?

- We have received the support of Bülent Tüfenkci, the Minister of Customs and Trade, for the fact that we wish to be in the 52 acre area with a closed area of ​​500 thousand square meters within the Privatization Administration.

In the tender for the asset, 83 stated that they were offering a million pounds:

- We are awaiting the approval of the Privatization High Council (ÖYK) for the finalization of the tender result. We will carry out the transfer operations after approval and start to invest.

He stressed that they will invest a total of 83 million pounds, including 150 million liras to be paid to the Privatization Administration:

- In Malatya, we will establish the largest ”Disaster Shelter Systems Factory kur in the world. We will also produce disaster housing and settlement systems at other factories in the world. So, we will also export.

I wondered if similar works were carried out in the existing production centers of Kızılay, he said:

- We have tent production. However, we will be entering the production of other disaster shelter systems for the first time.

A partner from the private sector in the project said they thought:

- We plan to take a partner from the private sector in this area, with the largest shares in Kızılay. The factory that we will build will also be an R & D and innovation center on disaster issues.

12 underscores that they can switch to production after the transfer process:

- Our factory will be able to produce fast and economical housing not only for disaster periods but also for urban transformations. Social camps will also be developed in our factory.

500 also shared another important investment in the acres:

- We will also establish an important regional logistics center of Kızılay in Malatya. There will also be 150 million pounds investment for the logistics center. Our factory and logistics center will create employment in 1500.

If the tender is approved by the AGB, the Red Crescent will have a world-class production center Y

Malatya will be able to see the old wagon factory, which has been idle for many years, finally reviving its production lardır Mal

Source: malatyahaber.com- New Malatya Newspaper

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