33 Discounts on Parking Charges in Ordu

33 discount on army car parking costs 2
33 discount on army car parking costs 2

📩 14/11/2018 11:47

Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Engin Tekintaş continues to respond to the demands of citizens. President Tekintaş, according to the demands of the citizens of the water prices, then the price of the discount will go to the 33 reduction in parking fees, he said.

Expressing that they want to relieve the traffic by encouraging short-term parking instead of parking the vehicles for a long time, President Tekintaş said that the first hour parking cost of 3 TL was reduced to 2 TL.


From the day he took office, considering the demands of the citizens of the Metropolitan Mayor Engin Tekintaş said, gün We have said that we will make a reduction in other matters following our discount on water prices. In line with the services we have realized in order to meet the expectations of our citizens, we made a discount on 3 with a discount of% 33 in the car park application which has a first time 2 TL in our Altınordu district after the evaluations we made with ORBEL and other units. Vat


President Tekintaş said that they are working to solve the parking lot problem which is among the important problems of the city. We plan to extract the vehicle's capacity up to the 550-600 vehicle for use in the valet. In this context, we aim to ensure that the owners of the business in the city park their vehicles directly in this area. Citizens, who are engaged in trade in the city and who owns a business, should prefer the Moonlight Carpark when they arrive with their vehicles. Republic Parking, Central Mosque Car Park and Stadium Parking will be continued at three points. Our primary aim is to direct our citizens to the Moonlight Parking Lot and eliminate the congestion in the city. Önc


4736 of the Law No. 1. The discount for the persons who are exempt from the article will be as follows:

Disabled Persons with disabilities license vehicles in the parking lot reserved for the disabled will benefit from free parking on the street two hours per day, provided that the users show their disabled card.

Press Members: Press Traffic Card holders organized by the Directorate General of Press and Information of the Prime Ministry and approved by the General Directorate of Security, will benefit from free-of-charge parking for two hours per day.

Gazi, Gazi and Martyrs' Relatives: The vehicle owners who have the certificate of veterans, veterans and relatives of the martyrs (first degree relatives) will benefit from the free and public car parks on the street free of charge two hours per day.

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