2019% of Izmir Metropolitan's 15 Budget is for Transportation Investments

transportation and environmental investments in Izmir
transportation and environmental investments in Izmir

The 2019 budget of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was accepted as 5 billion 995 million liras. More than 10 percent of the metropolitan budget, which grew by 39 percent compared to the previous year, was allocated to investments. With the İZSU and ESHOT budgets, which were accepted after the three-day marathon in the Parliament, the total expenditures of İzmir's local government for the city in 2019 have been officially announced as 9 billion 542 million TL. kazanwas.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's 2019 Fiscal Year Budget was approved by the Metropolitan Municipality Council. 5 billion 995 million TL, which constitutes more than 39 percent of the 2 billion 359 million TL budget, has been allocated for investments. Thus, the three-day budget marathon in the Assembly ended. On Monday, the budgets of IZSU General Directorate were 2 billion 469 million 352 thousand TL, and on Tuesday, 1 billion 77 million 820 thousand TL of ESHOT General Directorate were accepted. Finally, after the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality budget passed through the Parliament, it was accepted that the local government of Izmir would use a total budget of 9,5 billion TL for the city. The budget of the Metropolitan Municipality for 2018 was determined as 5 billion 450 million liras and the total budget together with IZSU and ESHOT as 8.5 billion liras.

Thanks to Mayor Kocaoğlu
Speaking at the parliament, CHP Group Deputy Chairman Bülent Çetinkaya thanked Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu and the city administrators who expressed their innovative, sustainable, accountable and participatory management approach by shoulder with their people. Stating that İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is an example for the Ministry of Agriculture with the projects carried out in agriculture, Çetinkaya said, “Metropolitan continues to make every investment it has put in the strategic plan despite the economic contraction in the country. Narlıdere Metro started. He will start the Buca Metro, ”he said.

Noting that they want the government to look at Izmir from the same perspective as in Ankara, Istanbul and Bursa, Çetinkaya completed his speech as follows:
“We want to be served as much as the tax we pay. Our municipality, which has been awarded with sustainable transportation, is a model for the country. In urban transformation, he acts with the consent of his city and gives the rent to the city. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is the public institution that invested the most in İzmir in 15 years thanks to the Izmir Model, which was put forward with its fair, environmentalist and original approach that increases the quality of life. In 2019, it has put forward a suitable program for this title. We are happy next year ”.

No results from Ankara
Responding to the criticism of the AK Party group regarding the urban transformation, Gulf and Kemeraltı arrangement, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said, “Let me take a boat, take a walk; Where does the Gulf smell? ” said.

Mayor Kocaoğlu stated that they expect the approval of the coastal plans for the 10 year for the strengthening of sea transportation and continued as follows:
“I want to build Scaffolding in Mavisehir. I can not. You are a councilor of the ruling party. Let's get the plans of the confirmation to do Mavişehir Pier. Since we went to Ankara with AK Party Provincial Chairman Aydın Şengül, nothing happened to this side. You say, 'There is a file missing.' The file is missing. The file has not been missing for 10 years. You say, "Nothing has been done about Kemeraltı." We make a rain water line in Kemeraltı. Since the date of establishment of Izmir, sensitivity we show in the history of the Republic of Turkey, he was spending the money we spend a servant of Allah. He didn't even think. We restored the city walls in Kadifekale; We nationalized the place of the theater. We nationalized the houses in this region; we gave housing to everyone. We have expropriated 35 million lira in Agora. If you try to do it now, you cannot do it for 350 million liras. We cover 90 percent of the cost of all excavations at the boundaries of the province of Izmir. It is 6 million lira. Every year we provide support for Turkey's Ministry of Culture is devoted to scrape up the money. "

Both examples are at the center
Mayor Kocaoğlu, who asked everyone to put his hand on his conscience in the face of criticism about the urban transformation works in İzmir, said: ına You will set a point here when it comes to urban transformation. Because Turkey is in no examples of this. We have implemented it in Uzundere and Örnekköy. '5800 have done urban transformation' he said one of the studies announced by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization is not urban transformation. A certain amount of building renewal is given to the same area with a concentration. We're not talking about building renovation. In urban transformation, we are talking about creating cities by increasing social reinforcement areas. Uzundere and Örnekköy. And you have the Yenitepe landslide. A new geological report was removed from the landslide. Is it necessary to share the Bank of Provinces 25 to make high-rise buildings and to infect the public? No people there. Examples are found in the middle. Izmir also looks at what we do, and at Yenitepe. The society evaluates how the urban transformation is done K.

Transportation and environmental investments do not slow down
Urban infrastructure, environmental management and transportation investments received the “lion's share” from the budget of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which grew by 10 percent compared to the previous year. 2019 percent of the 26 budget has been devoted to urban infrastructure, including investments such as the Homeros Boulevard-Bus Terminal connection road, highway overpasses, vehicle and pedestrian bridges over the streams, asphalt pavement to the roads, maintenance and renovation, and new zoning routes. Transportation investments, mostly composed of rail system projects, received 15% of the budget, 15% of environmental investments, and 11% of social solidarity and health investments.

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