2018 Million People Benefit From 10's First 183 Month

2018's first 10 benefited 183 million people from the airline
2018's first 10 benefited 183 million people from the airline

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan, TRANSIST 11. Istanbul Transportation Congress and Fair in his speech, the first 10 this year in the year of 183 million people benefited from the airline, he said.

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Turhan, air transportation, inaugurated by entering the new phase of Istanbul Airport, said: ile Until now we have already traveled a great distance in airline transportation. In the 2003 36,5 million The number of airline passengers, reached 2017 195 million by year-end. 10 million people in the first 183 month of this year took advantage of the airline. UM he said.

Istanbul Airport, the first phase of the transfer of the airport terminal capacity 348 million transfer that transfers Turhan, the aviation sector turnover 3 billion pounds, 100 billion pounds have come to the situation today, he said.

Turhan also gave information about the works carried out in the seas. Kab We launched the cabotage transportation with the excise duty on the excise fuel we launched in 2004. To this end, we have provided 6 billion 789 million liras support to the sector so far. S

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