Excavations and Piling Works at 1915 Çanakkale Bridge Completed

1915 excavation and excavation work has been completed
1915 excavation and excavation work has been completed

Transport and Infrastructure Minister M. Cahit Turhan, 18 2022 1915 6 planned to be completed on the date of the maritime excavation and piling works in the sea for the purpose of the basic improvement is done in the sea, the bridge will enter the service on both sides of the Dardanelles with the trip time will go down to XNUMX minutes .

Minister Turhan, 1915 Canakkale Bridge Lapseki Sekerkaya and Gelibolu Sütlüce found in the site.

Turhan, in his speech here, the bridge, connecting the Northern Marmara Motorway and the Istanbul-Izmir Highway will contain a portion of the Kinali-Çanakkale Savaştepe Motorway, he said.

Giving information about the ongoing works on the bridge, Turhan said:

Olan The construction of the Malkara Junction, Gallipoli, Sutluce and Lapseki Sekerkaya Umurtepe sections are under construction. As of today, the most important structure of this project, especially in the 101 Canakkale Bridge, made in the sea for the basic rehabilitation and excavation works have been completed. Also, the end of the production of caissons will be placed on these foundations. As of the end of this year, the cauldron production in the dry pond, which consists of two pieces, will be placed on the foundation of the bridge on one side of Asia and the other on the European side, and the bridge's feet will be built on this foundation. Bu

I It will connect Northern Marmara to South Marmara and Aegean “

Turhan, the 2 × 3 lane strip would be stating, said:

Acak The width of the deck will be 45 meters and the height of the deck will be 3,5 meters. Both feet will meet the floor under the 37 meter on the European side of the sea, and on the Asian side under the 45 meter of the sea. Within the scope of the project, 1 pieces suspension bridge, 2 pieces approach viaduct, 4 pieces reinforced concrete viaduct, 10 pieces underpass bridge, 33 pieces overpass bridge, 6 pieces bridge, 43 pieces underpass and 115 pieces culverts, 12 pieces junction, 4 pieces The highway service facility, 2 unit maintenance business center, 6 unit fee collection station. When the construction of our bridge is completed, it will connect the North Marmara region to the Southern Marmara, Aegean and Western Mediterranean regions. Kö

Seyahat Travel time on both sides of the Dardanelles will be reduced to 6 minutes “

Recalling that the existing transportation on this route is provided by the transportation of sea vehicles, Turhan said:

U Approximate duration of transport was normally one hour, and in hours and days of traffic, this time was up to 5 hours. With the launch of this project, the trip time on both sides of the Dardanelles will be 6 minutes. The traffic coming from Europe to the Aegean region will be reached in the Aegean region and the South Marmara region in a very short time by means of this bridge without waiting in the sea vehicles or walking around the Bosphorus and the Gulf. '

Turhan, 18 2022 XNUMX the bridge on the history of the people wanted to complete the service expressed.

”Highway ring system will be completed“

Turhan, reminding that the project was done by build-operate-transfer method, continued his words as follows:

Pro The public resource for the construction of this project will not be spent until it is completed. After the completion of the traffic between the traffic and the difference will be given to the company. Our projection here, our foresight, I hope that the year after the 4-5 year after our forecasts, we aim to achieve the guaranteed traffic on this route, and therefore we do not have to pay a guarantee when we reach this traffic. Another feature of the project is that after the completion of this section, we will construct the section between Lapseki and Savaştepe and the section between Malkara Junction and Kınalı immediately after this project, so that in the Marmara Region, the highway ring system that will connect the South and North Marmara will be completed. Pro

”We are realizing projects that will make the world jealous“

Minister Turhan, tourism, industry, agriculture and domestic and foreign trade by considering the contribution of the project is very important for the country, emphasizing, "100 years ago here as the descendants of our ancestors who struggle for independence in the future here we are struggling for the future and we are realizing projects that make the world enviable." he said.

Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Public and Private Sector Partnership Lapseki service building briefing about the project in the service building and a part of the work of the ship belonging to GESTAŞ sea control Turhan, Governor Orhan Tavli and AK Party Deputy Jülide İskenderoğlu AK Party also accompanied.

Source : www.uab.gov.t is

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