aycicegi valley and bicycle island with ruyalar reality
54 Sakarya

Dreams of the Sunflower Valley and Cycling Island

Mayor Toçoğlu, who came together with Yenikentliler Association, said, et We gave the new life and sports area as a gift to the region in the countryside. I hope that our investments in Yenikent region will continue. Good luck to our fellow countrymen.; President of the Association [more…]

gaziantepte 30 sheep used wrist renewed path
27 Gaziantep

30 Village Used in Gaziantep

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, Şehitkâmil and Nizip district intersection Bilek-Kamisli road renewed. The new version of the 30 kilometer-long road used by the 55 village was welcomed by citizens. Its intersections, bridges and [more…]

ease of access to disabled people in Eskisehir
26 Eskisehir

Accessibility for the Disabled in Eskişehir

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality, which attaches great importance to accessibility at every point of the city and does not forget disabled citizens in the projects it has implemented, also eliminates the obstacles with the transportation services it provides free of charge. For disabled citizens [more…]

ibb announces 32 even transferring free
34 Istanbul

Announces the IMM, 32 Free Transfer

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has launched integrated bus lines with free transfer to enable citizens to access rail systems more easily. In order to reduce the use of private vehicles and to encourage public transport [more…]

Canalioglu questioned rail system
61 Trabzon

Canalioğlu Questioned the Rail System

GOOD Party for the candidacy of the Metropolitan Municipality of Trabzon, the CHP Volkan Canalioğlu jealous, announced that a decision yet. GOOD CHP Volkan Canalioğlu received by the party for the candidacy of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality [more…]