Name of YOLDER Changed

The 4th Ordinary General Assembly of the Railway Construction and Operation Personnel Solidarity and Assistance Association (YOLDER) convened at the Cultural Center of the TCDD 3. Regional Directorate. the General Assembly determined that the new management and supervisory boards Turkey joined around 133 members who served. The Association's name was changed to the Railway Maintenance Staff Solidarity and Assistance Association with the amendment of the regulations adopted at the General Assembly.

YOLDER's 4.General meeting was held on 29 September 2018 in Izmir. A commemoration ceremony was held for President Özden Polat, who recently died at the opening of the General Assembly. Mehmet Soner Baş, who was elected to the Presidency of the Council by the General Assembly, expressed his great sorrow for the loss of Özden Polat, who had great efforts in the establishment of YOLDER and his coming to today. Baş said that the strong attendance to the General Assembly is an important indicator of the members' willingness to claim the Association and said he believes everyone will do their utmost for a stronger YOLDER in the new period. Turkey's General Assembly with over 133 union members and representatives of civil society organizations participated. TCDD 3 Deputy Director Nizamettin Cicek, Turkish Transportation-Sen Chairman Nurullah Albayrak, United Transport Workers Union Chairman Hasan Bektas, Turkish Transportation Sen Izmir Branch, Rail Systems Technology Alumni Association (RESTDER) President Okan Caliova, Railway Katarcılar Dernegi ( DEKAD) Izmir Branch conveyed its best wishes with its messages and flowers. Chairman of the Izmir Branch Ahmet Özdemir joined the General Assembly and wished success to the new administration.

After the adoption of YOLDER's latest activity report and audit reports unanimously in the General Assembly, the amendments to the charter were discussed.

After the restructuring of the Turkish State Railways (TCDD), all members registered to the Association under the umbrella of the Maintenance Department, the Association was renamed as the Railway Maintenance Personnel Solidarity and Solidarity Association.

While the number of members of the Board of Directors was increased from 6 to 9 by the amendment of the regulation, the General Assembly unanimously adopted that the membership fees be updated as 20 TL in the new period.

The election excitement took place at the YOLDER General Assembly, which was the first of its kind in the 2 list since the day it was founded. Sabri Altan Topak, who entered the service race by taking the list to carry the association to better places, said that they are aiming to work towards a solution-oriented work with a management in which every member has fair participation.

As a result of the elections in which a total of 131 members voted, the list of Şakir Kaya and Suat Ocak won 90 votes. In the new period, the Board of Directors was composed of Suat Ocak, Ferhat Demirci, Ramazan Yurtseven, Fatih Uğurlu and Şahin Azim under the chairmanship of Şakir Kaya. Ali Yılmaz, Sezgin Sevinç and Serdar Yılmaz also formed the YOLDER Supervisory Board. Arif Demir, Mehmet Önen, Vural Akgün, Nihat Atlı, Mustafa Yöndem and Ali Ünal were elected as reserve members, and Tevfik Duymuş, Ferit Akalın and Hasan Yıldız were elected as reserve members.

Şakir Kaya and Suat Ocak, who made the closing speeches at the General Assembly, thanked all members of the General Assembly, union and civil society representatives and gave information about their new term objectives.

Suat Ocak, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of YOLDER, said, imize 2. Our primary goal in the management that I entered with the General Assembly was to gain an identity and attitude to our Association and we succeeded in this. Many of our problems, we do not see enough point. YOLDER is not a title, a political opinion or a group but a railway association. After that, we will stop at equal distance to all opinions and people and try to solve the problems at all levels, starting with road and gate control officers and our line maintenance repair officers. Bundan

In his speech at the chairman of the board of directors, Şakir Kaya, he addressed the General Assembly: yıllık In the last 37 of my 10 year-long career, I tried to contribute to YOLDER like everyone else. I was out of management, but I didn't take my hand off the stone. In the new period, we will start to work as the board of directors by trying to be worthy of the trust of the General Assembly. We will work to cover the total of the Maintenance Department. We will put together a dynamic structure that is intertwined with our members by combining the knowledge and hardware of our experienced friends with the energy and excitement of our young friends. De

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