Welders to be Certified at TÜDEMSAŞ

TÜDEMSAŞ and Gedik Education Foundation (GEV) renewed by the protocol, TUDEMSAS Welding Education and Technologies Center will continue to train international quality welder.

At the signing ceremony held at the TÜDEMSAŞ General Directorate, Mehmet Başoğlu, the deputy general manager of TÜDEMSAŞ, and the CEO of Gedik Holding. Mustafa Koçak, General Manager of Gedik Test Center, Fırat Soft, TÜDEMSAŞ Resource Education and Technology Center Manager Fikri Demir and Certification Manager Özer Binay attended.

With the protocol signed by TÜDEMSAŞ and GEV, TÜDEMSAŞ will be trained according to TS EN ISO 15085 within the framework of TS EN 9606 applications, and the welders will be certified. The trainings made by the Vocational Qualification Authority to make the welders working in the welded Manufacturing sector and the training of the students who continue their education in Vocational - Technical Anatolian High Schools will be provided at TÜDEMSAŞ Welding Training and Technologies Center. The exams of the trainees who have completed their education will be held by the Vocational Qualifications Authority and the Turkish Accreditation Agency and the Gedik Education Foundation officials who are accredited. Successful trainees will also receive their certificates by GEV.

Since the 2014, TUDEMSAŞ Resource Training and Technologies Center, which has been providing welding training and trained hundreds of certified welder to the sector, will continue to certify welders by this protocol signed with GEV.

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