Ministry of Industry and Technology Bozankaya Visiting Facilities

from the ministry of industry and technology bozankaya visit to facilities
from the ministry of industry and technology bozankaya visit to facilities

Industry and Technology Deputy Minister Hasan Büyükdeniz, Turkey's first domestic electric bus made its first export and domestic subway Bozankayavisited the production center in Ankara.

Producing Turkey's first domestic electric buses with its advanced technology and R&D investments, all 8 electric bus tenders held in Turkey kazanan BozankayaDeputy Minister of Industry and Technology Hasan Büyükdede visited.

Turkey's exports in June that performs the first subway in Thailand's capital, Bangkok BozankayaHasan Büyükdede examined electric buses, trams and subway vehicles in Ankara's facilities and conveyed the satisfaction of the Ministry of Industry and Technology for domestic and national products developed within the scope of R & D activities.

Bozankaya owner Murat BozankayaFrom rail systems in Turkey and the problems of the electric bus industry and the company's future plans in Büyükdeniz listening, the state has made them informed about the planned new measures specifying the precise approach to this issue. Hasan Büyükdede, who gave the good news that some of the ongoing studies within the ministry regarding the proposals of solution of the problems of the industrialists will be completed and explained in the near future, said: ız We are with the industrialists. In order to get closer to our goals as a country in the national unity Bozankaya We will give all necessary support to companies that produce with advanced technology and have local and national products in strategic and priority areas for our country. ”


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