New Intersection on New Duble Road at Uluyol Street

on the new double road at uluyol street
on the new double road at uluyol street

X We completed the first 4 stage of our 2 project, et said President Toçoğlu, who examined on-site double road works on Uluyol Street. There was a new intersection demand of our tradesmen and citizens on the double road. We couldn't be indifferent to this request. We immediately made the necessary investigations. We'll add another intersection to the double road. The new double way is good for our city and our region. Yeni

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu, Erenler Uluyol Street tradesmen in the Metropolitan Municipality after the intersection they demanded the new duplex with industrial tradesmen went to the region to investigate. Accompanied by the head of the Department of Transportation Fatih Pistil, Toçoğlu received information from the staff and wished for convenience. He thanked President Toçoğlu who was not indifferent to the demands of industrial tradesmen.

The first 2 stage is ok
President Toçoğlu started his speech by expanding the city's double road network with Uluyol Street and said, Başkan As the Metropolitan Municipality, we started with the slogan 'The city is being renewed for you'. In the double road works that we have implemented in Erenler, 600 is the 1 meter between Etbalık Junction and İlhan Aras Junction. stage was completed. 2 of the project. and the 600-meter section between İlhan Aras Junction and Nilüfer Street junction. 3. the basic stage of the stage is being done. Our last stage is 4. in the first stage of the filling and basic laying process 3. After the completion of the stage will start quickly, et he said.

A new intersection
President Toçoğlu stated that they were happy to bring a new double to the city and said, ifade We are continuing our double road works which will guarantee the transportation future of our city. We are creating alternatives to transportation by opening new boulevards. Uluyol Street was also one-lane. We've turned this artery into a double way. With the renewed asphalt, lighting, middle median and sidewalks, we will complete all stages. In this way, we will provide an alternative to Erenler transportation and we will give a new double to the city. Good district and our region, '' he said.

We did not return to demand
President Toçoğlu stated that they will build a new intersection on Uluyol Street after their meeting with the region's craftsmen and said, uy We have always been in harmony and communication with our tradesmen. We also made consultations about the double road works we carried out on Uluyol Street. In this sense, in our last meeting, our tradesmen and our citizens living in the region had a demand for a new intersection. We will build a new intersection on the 8048 street in Uluyol Street. Ul


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