509 Billion Investment Done for Turkey's Transportation Infrastructure

I reached turkiyenin infrastructure to 509 billion TL investment was made
I reached turkiyenin infrastructure to 509 billion TL investment was made

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Turkeynin ulaşım altyapısının güçlendirilerek dünyayla entegre olması için son 16 yılda 509 milyar TLreported investment.

Minister Turhan participated in the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization (BSEC) Transport Ministers meeting held in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Turhan said eler The development of trade through linkage hay. He said that it is important to provide physical connections between the BSEC member states and the realization of projects with the common sense of responsibility for the development of the region.

Turhan said that the Black Sea region is an integral part of the continuation of the connection between Europe and Asia and stressed the importance of the region after the Belt and Road Initiative initiated by China.
Turhan stated that the development of infrastructure and the completion of missing links are vital to increase trade in the region.

Turhan mention the Black Sea Ring Highway, the Black Sea 683 thousand kilometer long way to split this into sections in the main axis of the road through Turkey, he said.

Turhan said that there are two main connection roads to the Aegean and Mediterranean ports on the line. Iki We continue our efforts to improve the road quality on the line including the connection roads. In the coming years, all the single and single arrival lines on the line will be multi-lane. This corridor will connect our country to the Black Sea countries, the Caucasus and the Caspian Sea via the ferry service to Central Asia and the Far East.
It is planned to complete the remaining part of the Black Sea Environment Highway within the borders of our country. I consider this project to be one of the most important works carried out under the auspices of the BSEC. Bu

Another important project to ensure the integration of the BSEC transport networks with international corridors is the Deniz Motorway, Turhan said, adding that this project is critical to reveal the potential of maritime transport on the Black Sea and to increase the maritime trade in the region. Turhan said that they needed closer teamwork and concrete steps in order to realize the project.

In this context, Turhan said that they are not enough to maintain uninterrupted transport services, but that they attach importance to the da Memorandum of Understanding for Facilitating the Transport of Goods by the Road in the Black Sea Region han and they support the international transport of goods by a non-transit documented and quota-free road in equal competition conditions.

To this end, Turhan stated that they are supporting to increase the quotas for both cross-border and transit pass, to ensure the freedom of transit, to remove high tolls and to facilitate visa applications for professional drivers.

Böl We invite all member countries to participate in the BSEC Permit Project, which has been launched in order to liberalize road transport in the BSEC region. In the road transport activities in the BSEC region, we attach importance to ensuring the freedom of transit between member countries. On the other hand, we believe that the transition to the implementation of the multi-entry visa system will greatly benefit the BSEC region in order to facilitate visa applications for professional drivers. Likewise, we think that wages under different names, one of the obstacles to road transportation, should be removed. K

Turhan said that they gave importance to taking necessary steps for the approval and implementation of the ler Agreement on the Recognition of Diplomas, Certificates and Other Official Documents in the Field of Road Transport and Passenger Transport Operator V. He invited all member states to sign the agreement in order to reach the number of signatures required for the Convention to come into force.

”Baku-Tbilisi Kars Railway ties Asia and Europe transport networks“

Turkey also talked about investment in infrastructure Turhan, gave the following information:
Ik We invested 16 billion in the last 509 year to strengthen our transportation infrastructure and integrate with the world. In our country, the roads that serve the 80 of the traffic are divided. 6 thousand 101 km, the divided road, 26 thousand 200 reached the kilometer. The number of provinces connected by the divided road was 76. The length of the highway is one thousand thousand 714 2 thousand 657 kilometers. The length of the railway has reached 10 thousand 948 kilometers from the 12 bin 710. Demiryolu

Turhan stressed that they opened the Marmaray and Baku-Tbilisi Kars Railway Lines, adding that bağlantı the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway has established a direct link with Georgia and Azerbaijan and an important corridor has been established to connect the Black Sea region's Asian and European transport networks. ”He said.

Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Osmangazi Bridge, Eurasia Tunnel, such as the global giant projects that put into service to remind the Turhan, the airport they made significant investments, the number of active airports until 2023 65'ya said until the year.

Turhan, 60'dan 316'dan 81'e, the number of countries with the air agreement 169'dan 879'a, they remove the airway freight transport from 2 thousand tons to 127 million XNUMX thousand tons, increased, he added.

In addition to Turhan, the Minister of Transport, Communications and High Technologies, Ramin Guluzade, and the ministries of transportation of the BSEC member states took part in the meeting.

Turhan also visited the Martyrs of Baku and the Turkish Martyrs' Cemetery in which the martyrs of 20 Ocak were buried as part of their contacts in Azerbaijan.