Side Road Works of Turgutlu Bridge Interchange Started

In order to prevent loss of life and property in Turgutlu, to separate the intercity and inner city traffic, and accordingly to minimize the traffic density, the arrangement works have started on the connection roads of the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality.

Excavations started for the completion of the connection roads of the Köprülü Intersection Project, which was opened by the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality to the service of the people of Turgutlu by opening the underpass during the time we left behind. While the work interrupted due to water and electricity displacements resumed after the displacement ended; Contractor company officials carry out preparatory work with construction equipment on the 350-meter route on the right side of the road before the earthworks. Within the scope of the project, arrangements will be made on the rainwater productions on the connection roads and the roads leading from the Selvilitepe Neighborhood to the intersection. Turgutlu Köprülü Crossroad, where mechanical manufacturing is planned in the second half of October, will be available to the citizens in its final form. The sunken output part of the Turgutlu Bridge Crossroad project, which was started by the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, was opened in the past months and it was appreciated by both the people of the district and the citizens using the Izmir-Ankara line.



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