If The Tram Was Not, The Way Of Izmit Today Was Much More Bad

While the construction of İzmit tram (Akçaray) was under way, the most frequently expressed articles were published in these columns. The contractor chosen by the Metropolitan Municipality did not leave as expected, especially Yenişehir Mahallesi and M.Ali Paşa Mahallesi had great problems with this construction. Izmit, "550 will be finished in the day," he promised the construction of the tramway road 700 day passed.

The contractor was untruthful, irresponsible. It was not working enough. He was having problems with all his subcontractors. I absolutely do not regret what I wrote in those days. Tahir Büyükakın, the Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality of the time, stood upright against the reactions from the city. The project could be canceled, the contractor could be changed. Büyükakın said, “May the city be patient. This tram will relax the city, ”he insisted. The tram, which runs on the 8-kilometer line, was aimed to carry 16 thousand passengers per day. But nowadays the number has reached 41 thousand. The number of daily voyages increased from 120 to 274. The tram constantly passes by and is always full, especially at some hours of the day.

Izmit has a traffic and transportation problem today. Both in large sizes. But think of it as well; or for the tram. Make sure you have a lot bigger problems.

The tram runs on an 8 kilometer line between Sekapark in the east and a bus station in the west. The vibrant districts of Izmit do not pass through the Inönü Avenue, Yandem Road region. Despite this, the 40 carries more than a thousand passengers a day. Once on the tram, comfort, comfort, cleaning does not give up seeing. And cheap.

Thanks to the tram especially Yahya Captain's transportation problem in the city has disappeared. Many private vehicles did not need to enter the city. Izmit is now waiting for the tram to be extended. Hopefully, the works that continue to Kuruçeşme now ends. After the 2019, instead of the subway dream, extending the tramway to the west and east, we must be in the effort to enter into some capillaries.

We are indebted to Tahir Buyukakin, the governor of Bilecik, for relying on the reactions that arose during the construction of the tram. Izmit became beautiful by tram. Maybe he didn't feel so relaxed, but think about it. If there wasn't a tram carrying more than a thousand passengers a day, now who knows what this city is?

Source: İsmet ÇİĞİT - www.ozgurkocaeli.com.t is



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