Traffic density will be eliminated with Gebze adan Darica Metro Project

traffic density will be eliminated by gebze darica metro project
traffic density will be eliminated by gebze darica metro project

Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) and Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kocaeli Chamber of Commerce Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vedat Doğusel and Gulf Chamber of Commerce President Sibel Moralı visited the workplace. In addition to being the city of production and investment in Kocaeli, Mayor Karaosmanoğlu stated that the city is a city of peace with the understanding that has all the colors of life. We also know that this will be through investment and that it depends on the creation of new economic areas. For this reason, we are trying to pave the way for our industrialists, traders and investors. Bu

President Karaosmanoğlu stated in his statement after the visits that he had taken his steps in the economic field despite the pressure of various forces because he did not bow to various external pressures and exhibited an honorable stance and said medi In the economic sense, maybe they were overwhelmed. However, we will overcome this work with the permission of our government and the prayers of our sultan. Besides all of this, as Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, we are working with our hands. Despite all the negativities, we did not slow down our investments and services. Thus, we provide investment and service to our citizens and provide them with the investments we create and contribute to the employment. Böylece

Ibrahim Karaosmanoğlu, who emphasized the great contribution of Kocaeli Metro to the economy and employment, said,, Gebze Kara Darıca Metro line, which was started to be constructed by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, consists of a total of 15,6 stations, including 12 km long and double line system. In fact, 1 pieces are located above the ground station, 8 units on-off system underground station and 3 pieces tunnel system underground station. The route will be at the level of a level station and a level crossing at Darica Beach Station, and will be underground until the exit from the last station, the OSB station, to the depot. 15,6 km 14,7 km of the tunnel and the 900 meter will be made as a level crossing. When the project is completed; In Gebze-Darica districts where the traffic is intense, transportation system with high passenger carrying capacity will be brought into the city. We will provide the connection of Gebze-Darica districts with other cities, especially Marmaray Station and Istanbul. Organized Industrial Zone from the surrounding provinces and districts of the service and special vehicles created by the traffic density will be eliminated with this project, il he said.

With Vedat Doğusel, Chairman of the Board of the Chamber of Shipping Kocaeli Branch sohbetSpeaking about the maritime trade in Kocaeli, Mayor Karaosmanoğlu said, “Kocaeli was only an industrial city of a period. It was known for its dirty, hazy air and Izmit Bay, which was engraved in memories with its bad odor. The deep wounds he suffered in the 1999 Marmara earthquake added to his black destiny in his history. Kocaeli's illusory history started to change with the metropolitan law enacted in 2004. Now, there is a Kocaeli that has made a name for itself with mega transportation projects such as tram and metro, from culture to arts, from tourism to social services. Our Gulf of Izmit was cleaned and met with its citizens. "Our seas started to laugh at our citizens and our beaches to meet our citizens when we prevented the bilge waste left by the ships and the pollution from the factories."

In this process the Kocaeli infrastructure, environment, transport, tourism and sport gained a new body that also emphasizes Metropolitan Mayor Abraham Karaosmanoğlu, "it was the address of the first in Turkey. The 110 municipality was established by closing the 44 municipality in Kocaeli. Active service has been brought to all regions. A single-handed planning of the entire city was provided by the metropolis. Environmental plans were determined to determine the decisions of land use such as housing, industry, agriculture, tourism and transportation. KUTAS (Kocaeli Satellite Tracking System) was set in front of illegal construction. All irregular and unplanned points in Kocaeli were included in the expropriation scope. The city, which once was known only for industry, turned into a beach paradise. All the coastline from Gebze to Karamürsel was opened to the service of the citizens. The Gulf of Izmit with the 12 coastal park is almost like a corner from heaven. Turkey's first industrial transformation Sekapark the park surpassed the borders of Kocaeli, Marmara had become the center of activity. The giant park built on the 23 acre old Seka land embraces everyone from 600 to 7 X.

President Karaosmanoğlu said that he paid the price for being Kocaeli industrial city for many years. With the afforestation and greening mobilization, 8 million saplings were brought together with soil. 10 floor green was established in Kocaeli. While the amount of green per person per square meter was 1 square meters, it was 14 square meter today. With the 16 recreation area, the life energy of Kocaeli was increased. 14 1,5 km in Kocaeli, the walkways today, the coast only 135 km has exceeded. The length of the bicycle paths that never existed exceeded 60 km. In the province of Kocaeli, an 1500 long-distance trekking course was established. Moreover, Kocaeli annually opens 1,5 million tulips. 3.265 km drinking water, 2.287 km sewerage, 291 km rainwater line and 57 km stream rehabilitation were performed throughout the city. With the treatment facilities, the waste water treated in the Gulf of Izmit has reached 20 from 100. 67 million pounds of treatment plant, which was commissioned only in Gebze, treats the domestic and industrial waste of a thousand people. Izmit Bay, which is known for its bad smell and pollution, has returned to its blue days with its treatment facilities, sea planes that provide air control, sea brooms collecting solid wastes and inspection boats, and won the title of the pearl of Marmara. Kötü

Infrastructure problems in Kocaeli also indicate a tık'l solved Metropolitan Mayor Abraham Karaosmanoğlu, "is interfering with seconds to all water-related issues in the electronic media for the first time in SKAI in Turkey. Thanks to this system, it is possible to intervene more quickly. Thanks to the system, the leakage rate has fallen from 72 to 30. Metropolitan, environmentally friendly and economical because of the environment friendly natural gas in Kocaeli also began the bus period library. Buses that are suitable for disabled people due to their low base, are air-conditioned and offer comfortable summer travel in summer. And with the bicycle carrying apparatus, citizens can travel by bicycle. New life areas were created by organizing the beaches which were idle and unusable. Around the Gulf, the 23 beach was offered to the citizens. The Gulf started to smile with water sports and activities. The vitality of the sea brought many sports organizations. Sports organizations such as International Swimming and Balkan Sailing Championships are held in Izmit Bay. Blue flags are waving at the symbol of clean sea on our beaches. Sah

Mr. Karaosmanoğlu stated that he met with the social life areas of Kocaeli with Erenler-Cedit Houses which is a step of the Metropolitan Transformation Project of Metropolitan Municipality. By the housing of TOKI and the City was made housing 25 bin. In Kocaeli, firefighters and ambulances could not enter roads before 2004 year. The days of the night ended with the modern boulevard, which emerged with the 25 meter width of the road extending from Santralite to Umuttepe. 3 made it easy for students and patients to reach university. In Kocaeli, narrow and distorted images were replaced by modern boulevards, especially in the main arteries. The D-100 makes the transitions more comfortable and secure. The D-100 Road and North Side Road were completely separated from each other. The route was taken to the 12 lane along with the North and South side roads. The D-100 has three magnificent pedestrian bridges with elevators and escalators. All the obstacles between the sea and the people have disappeared, Deniz he continued.

Another important step taken to relieve the traffic in Kocaeli, another important step is the intersections of the Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu, adım roundabouts around the intersection of greening. This image suits the new image of the city. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality attracts attention with its pioneering work in social municipality. We signed a revolution in social municipality in this project we took that model in Turkey. With this project, we have made it possible for citizens to provide nutrients such as meat, milk and fish which are the basis of nutrition. One of the important social projects of the Metropolitan is the Mothers' Milk Campaign, which is shown by the United Nations. Within the scope of the campaign carried out since 2005, all mothers receive milk for the 3 month, including the last 6 of their pregnancy and the first three months after birth. X

Vocational and Art Education Courses within the body of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality (KO-MEK) 10 41 118 in the center of the course 250 thousand people in the branch of free professional and art education voicing President Karaosmanoğlu, ları KO-MEK, İŞ-KUR in cooperation with the unemployed we opened courses. The study which is identified with Kocaeli in terms of education; computer distribution project is also a pioneer in Turkey. Metropolitan every primary 6. we distributed free laptop and tablet computers to the class. The number of Information Houses, which was established for the children to reach the right information and in the right place, was 12 in 15 county. Metropolitan Municipality as well Sekar old factory land on one of Turkey's largest science centers in Europe, it is No. Science Center, which opened its Kocaeli. In addition to the 200 exhibition organization, training programs, science shows, science camps are organized in Kocaeli Science Center X.

Mayor Karaosmanoğlu, who is one of the vision projects of the Metropolitan Municipality and who has started a new era in public transportation in Kocaeli between Sekapark and the Bus Station, has completed his statement as follows: ada The new 4 km error is extending this further. In addition, hundreds of projects such as free parking lots, cultural centers, sports halls, Guide Youth Project, Mother City Project were implemented. Today, the city has become a world brand. Bugün



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