Ropeway in Trabzon, Great Interest

trabzonda ropeway
trabzonda ropeway

Besikduzu Teleferik, which is an important point in terms of increasing the diversity of tourism in Trabzon, has used over 1,000 domestic and foreign visitors since its opening. District Governor of Besikduzu Cevdet Erturkmen, after the planned investments in the area of ​​Besikda 10 thousand visitors are waiting said.

Beşikdüzü Beşikdağ Teleferik, which was opened in August in Trabzon, attracts great attention. 2,5 10 thousand more than a thousand domestic and foreign visitors in the month of using the Beyikdüzü Cable Car, the number of visitors to the area if the investments determined in the region will exceed 100 thousand is recorded.

Beşikdüzü Governor Cevdet Ertürk financing, both when it is busy to ride the cable cars both domestic and foreign tourists 150 - noting that they create 200-meter queues, "Our in this area waterfalls our project as soon as possible to be implemented. We need to accommodate tourists when we ride up the ropeway.

We have our cafeteria and restaurant at the last station of the thousand 200 meters. Its opening and planning is done. Besides, we have a big zoo planning. In the short term, we are planning to open the cafeteria and restaurant in the coming period and the number of visitors coming here will be 100 bin.

Because the number of ride without promotion 2,5 10 thousand per month has passed. In the long run, hundreds of thousands of other domestic and foreign tourists will come to ride to Beşikdüzü Cable Car. This is an important value for Trabzon, bir he said.


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