Compensation of Personnel Inspecting Hazardous Substances

compensation for personnel who perform hazardous goods inspection
compensation for personnel who perform hazardous goods inspection

According to the program determined by the Ministry, X Inspection of Hazardous Goods i carried out by the officers in charge of inspection in the Transportation Regional Directorates, every month, the per-person inspection is under 40 supervision; 4. The provision of ord 20 points compensation for every month denetim which is the acquisition of our union in the collective bargaining agreement, has not been applied for the last two months and the personnel under the 40 audit has not been compensated.

Can Cankesen, the General Director of Transport Officer-Sen and Vice President of Transport Officer-Sen, Caner Arseven, Deputy Director General of Transportation, Dangerous Goods and Combined Transport, visited 16.08.2018 in his office and stated that this practice created a grievance for the employees in charge of supervision at the regional directorates of transportation. demanded the removal of the application.

Employee compensation will be paid to the personnel carrying out the mel Hazardous Substance Inspection X without seeking a monthly 40 audit requirement as a result of the Transport Officer-Sen initiatives and discussions.


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