Technical Team TCDD Visits 7 District Directorate

technical team visited tcdd 7
technical team visited tcdd 7

📩 08/11/2018 18:29

TCDD General Directorate Capacity Department Head Halim Özgümüş, Vice President Zülkani Süzer and Capacity Development Technical Team visited TCDD 7 District Directorate.

TCDD 7th Regional Manager Adem Sivri hosted within the Regional Directorate, the works carried out within the scope of improving the railway line capacity were discussed. Meeting and field studies were carried out with the participation of the upper level management staff and middle level managers of the Regional Directorate.

Capacity Building Projects in Afyonkarahisar; In Afyonkarahisar Ali Çetinkaya Gar, the capacity building and transportation activities were taken out by the Capacity Development Technical Team.

TCDD 7.Bölge Directorate of the Eskişehir Line is completed by the construction of the existing rail line from the Çayırbağ Sayding in parallel to the construction of the 8 km iltisak line and the Witnesses in the location of the 300 Bin m2 Logistics Center, the project received the full score of the Technical Committee. Technical delegation of the project was completed at the completion stage for Iscehisar OIZ 20 km iltisak railway line and Marble Specialized Logistics Center was presented. The importance of these projects for the realization of logistics activities outside of Afyon Ali Çetinkaya Garage was emphasized.

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