TCDD's Laundering in Corlu Train Crash Scandal

CHP Tekirdag Member of Parliament Ilhami Ozcan Aygun evaluated the accident of the expert report on the train accident near Corlu on July 8 as “scandal”. Aygun stated that it is not fair and equitable to have the entire bill of the accident cut to the road-maintenance and repair team.

Aygun, TCDD meteorological data that will not process a single expert, and the fill of the ottoman from the Ottoman 135 fillings not renewed for years, and all the auctions have been passed with the expert report emphasized that the empowerment.

Aygun published a written statement on the expert report and noted the following findings in the report:

The accident line was built during the Ottoman Empire period. No renewal renewal has been carried out in the culvert in the renewal of the line at the site of the accident.

Since there is no blockage in the culverts until today, there is no information about the drainage and rainfall analysis.

The most important factor in the occurrence of the accident is the erosion of the filling layer with the ballast layer on the accident culvert. The main factor in the erosion of the ballast and filler layer is that the capacity of the vertical aperture of the line is insufficient. Therefore, the rail and traverse frame are unloaded. This point is not recognized by the Road Maintenance and Repair Directorate / Headquarters responsible for the lines.

It has been determined that TCDD has not yet completed its transformation studies, has not been able to bring the coordinated works with the state institutions such as the General Directorate of Meteorology to the expected level, there is no permanent meteorology engineers in TCDD Infrastructure and TCDD Transportation Inc. and there is no technical unit to evaluate the weather conditions.

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Günceleme: 24/12/2018 22:48

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