Message from the General Director of TCDD Veysi Kurt to the Republic Day

veysi wolf
veysi wolf

29 was established in October 1923 95 of our Republic. We celebrate our year with pride and honor.

With the start of the War of Independence, the railroads, together with the other patriots, devotedly devoted their efforts to 'Salvation'; especially during the wars on various fronts, they tried to take the military on the path of supplying weapons, materials and food.

95, which has reached to this day since we have reached the Republic, has experienced very important developments in every field in our country and the welfare level of our people has been competing with developed countries.

As always, the railroaders are sweaty for the welfare, stability and success of our country as well as our people, industrialists and exporters.

To protect our economic and political independence forever and to protect our economic and political independence is our responsibility to our martyrs, veterans and their saints.

As the family of TCDD Transportation, we will continue to work with our strength to raise and glorify our country with the awareness of the holiness of service to the people of the country and abroad.

These feelings and thoughts, especially the founder of our Republic, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, all the heroes of our Independence Struggle, sacrifice in the hearts of our nation, all the martyrs and veterans with gratitude, thanks to gratitude, 29 October Republic Day celebrations with the most heartfelt feelings I offer my respects.

Veysi Kurt

TCDD Tasimacilik AS General Manager and Chairman

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