TCDD Workers Recruitment Oral Exam Results Announced

Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), the announcement made by the disabled and the 14 4 was announced that the oral examination results described within the scope of ex-convicts reception. The explanation from TCDD is as follows.

TCDD-fledged establishments will be taken to 14 4 disabled and ex-convicts in Turkey for Labor and oral examination results were announced in the list of candidates submitted by the Employment Agency ISKUR was declared the statement said. 14 is the result of oral examination of 4 dated 4 of disabilities and 2018 made for the reception of ex-convicts of XNUMX.

Take the oral exam kazanThe actions to be taken by the candidates at the moment will be notified in the notification sent to their addresses and will be announced on the TCDD website on October 15, 2018.

How will reserve candidates be called? Reserve candidates in the order of reserve; If the main candidate does not come to work, fails during the trial period (4 months), leaves the job during the trial period, results of the security investigation and archive research are negative, the Health Board Report is not suitable for the job to be employed, or if it is found insufficient in the psychotechnical evaluation. CLICK for explanation. CLICK for main and substitute candidates.


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