TCDD Railway Map

tcdd railway map
tcdd railway map

TCDD Railway Map: TCDD is continuously working on both the renewal of existing lines and the addition of new lines. In particular, it renews the existing old rail technology and changes to a new and more up-to-date high speed train system. This conversion is provided by High Speed ​​Train.

In TCDD 2003 began to lay high-speed train lines.First line, the total length 533 km. Istanbul Eskişehir Ankara line. The Ankara-Eskişehir part of the line, which is currently in use, consists of 245 km and the journey time is 95 minutes. Trial expeditions started at 23 April, 2007, commercial expeditions 13 May, 2009. The Eskisehir-Istanbul section of the line is planned to be completed at 2009. When the line is connected with Marmaray at 2012, the world's first intercontinental daily train services will be realized.

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  1. We are one of the poorest countries in terms of railways. We must close the gap urgently. The pathways are the blood vessels of a country.