Syria, Turkey and Iraq to Extend railways up to the border

Damascus, Syrian Railways Department President Ridvan Tikriti, the railway transportation in the country within the framework of the railways said they plan to extend the stimulus plan in Turkey and the Iraqi border.

Speaking to Sputnik, Tikriti said that the Syrian administration also plans to build a railroad from Damascus to the Jordan border in order to provide uninterrupted transportation from Europe to the Gulf countries.

Tikriti, "the Syrian Railways goal is the revival of transport between the states in the country and also brought to the borders of Turkey as Iraq and prospective rail routes connecting to neighboring countries," he said and continued:

"Also from Europe, Turkey, Syria and Jordan to the Persian Gulf via the 'North-South' route from Damascus to the border with Jordan to ensure the planned construction of a new branch."

Tikriti, which does not give a clear date for the start of the construction of the new arm, said that Russian companies will definitely take part in the process of renovating the railways in Syria, including the wagon supply.

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