Minister of Transport Turhan participated in the Social Cooperative Training and Publicity Train Ceremony

The Social Cooperatives Training and Promotion Ankara Gardan set out in cooperation with the Ministry of Commerce and TCDD.

For the project in question 1 was held on Monday in October at 10: 00 in Ankara.

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Minister of Trade Ruhsar Pekcan, Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, General Manager of Cooperative General Arif Seymenoğlu, General Director of TCDD İsa ApaydınGeneral Manager Veysi Kurt, Railway staff and volunteer citizens participated in the project.

In his speech at the ceremony, Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, stated that social cooperatives aim to produce solutions to social problems such as the possibility of integration of the groups with low opportunity to the working life. ”This train, which will be visited by our cities for two weeks, will bring together the disadvantaged people, the intellectuals of the city, the notables and the representatives of the non-governmental organizations, and bring the seeds of hope together with the soil.“

Minister Turhan said, bir We have to tighten the ranks, embrace each person and work hard, like the teeth of a comb. Of course, there are a lot of ways and methods of tightening the ranks. One of them is the social co-operative, which is instrumental in meeting here today. For us, it is the human being, an regardless of language, belief, genus, age, social status, obstacle situation, it is our people, our nation. This consciousness is one of the values ​​that make us us bizi. said.

Minister Turhan finally stated; Gör We need to see the train that will move from here today as a sign of this consciousness. The minimization of regional development and disparities, the disappearance of poverty, poverty, inequality in income distribution is only possible by reaching more people and countries. The railway is one of these vehicles and we are working day and night to build each side of our country with modern railway networks. Demiryolu

In his speech, Minister of Commerce, Ruhsar Pekcan,

Today we are launching the Social Cooperative Training and Publicity Train to revive social cooperatives. Our train, which will begin its first journey, will mobilize experts, academics and local initiatives in the field. In this context, Social Cooperative Train will visit Eskişehir, Kütahya, Balıkesir, Manisa, İzmir, Aydın, Denizli, Isparta, Afyonkarahisar, Konya respectively. Festivals, workshops and panels will be organized in the provinces where the train will stop. In these provinces, useful activities such as social cooperative information meetings, interviews, coding workshops for children will be realized. We will include technology projects for our women.

Pekcan, Transport and Infrastructure Ministry and the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways Transport project carried out in cooperation with the next phase Family, Labor and Social Services said they are aiming to spread throughout Turkey with the support of the Ministry.

Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, Family, Labor and Social Services Minister, stating that social responsibility projects are a requirement of being a social state;

He said that they have implemented new service models to implement the service equally and fairly in all segments of society. Social cooperatives will play an important role in the solution of the problems in semi-public services such as employment of disadvantaged citizens, education and health. We will be a non-profit supporter of the society until the end of this service, which aims to improve the economy and education standards. We are trying to respond to all kinds of complaints and requests with social service centers throughout the country and we are trying to reach out to all citizens with Family Social Support Program (ASDEP).

Cooperative General Manager Arif Seymenoğlu stated that the train set out in the scope of tay Social Cooperative Promotion, Education, Development and Implementation Project mas will visit the 10 province, the activities to be carried out to the public by the social cooperatives, the mobilization of local initiatives, the organization of workshops and conferences in universities and the attention of the public expressed that they aim to withdraw.

TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın,

Saying that we are carrying out a large number of projects with our renewed trains and comfortable trains on it, we will be greeted by our Ministers after a while, ve Social Cooperatives Training and Publicity Train uğ is one of them, together with the distinguished guests of the train departing from Ankara, Kütahya, Balıkesir, Manisa, İzmir. , Aydın, Denizli, Isparta Afyon and Konya, reaching the historical venues of these places will be hosted in the authentic places, saying the saying.

TCDD Tasimacilik AS General Manager Veysi Kurt in his speech "with our governments in recent years, the train has become a state policy again," he said.

Kurt said:

Social justice, economic and working peace as a goal of this project, as well as yesterday, the country's economy, the future of the railway with great importance for the economy of choice and the importance of our government to social justice, economic and working peace, as the height of the importance given to the train said Kurt, here As a result of this importance, the train which could not get enough support for a certain period of time has become a state policy with our governments in recent years. Thanks to this policy, our country is in the world of high-speed train leagues 8. 6 in Europe. High-speed train operation has become a country that has underlined.

Every day, our 25 thousand people are traveling with high speed trains every day, our passenger trains serve our 400 thousand people every day, and our 300 freight trains are used every day for important industrial centers and organized industrial zones such as Istanbul, Izmit, Eskisehir, Konya, Kayseri, Ankara, Denizli, Gaziantep. cargo, iron, borax, chrome, coal, domestic and national ores are the heart of our industry are moving to factories and facilities, he said.

127 station, 10 province and 30 14 county 15 will not cover this train and other modes of transportation, even in the worst climatic conditions, even in the worst climatic conditions, both passenger, freight and logistics services to all sectors in our country's economy, directly or indirectly trying to offer the XNUMX thousand people TCDD Transportation family Veysi Kurt, who said that he would like to thank you for your permission, said that he believed that the fact that this social project was designed by train in a period when the high speed train operation in our country was increasing and the train demand of our people increased from each region will increase the meaning and importance of the project even more.

After the speeches, the Social Cooperative Training and Publicity Train was presented by Minister of Trade, Ruhsar Pekcan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Family, Labor and Social Services Minister Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, General Director of TCDD.

A cooperation protocol was signed between the General Directorate of Cooperatives and TCDD Transportation Company in the first quarter of 2018 within the framework of ğinde Social Cooperative Promotion, Education, Development and Implementation Project tı under the leadership of the Ministry of Commerce.

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