2 Kilometer Tram Line to Xinjiang

sincana 2 comes from the tram line
sincana 2 comes from the tram line

Sincan Municipality will connect the metro and Başkentray lines on two separate sides of the district with a two-kilometer tram line on Ayaş Avenue.

Sincan Municipality is preparing to sign a revolutionary project in terms of transportation to the district. Fatih District and Sincan district center will be connected to each other via Ayas Street with a 2-kilometer tram line. The tram line, which will serve as a bridge between two important points of Sincan, will also connect the Sincan-Törekent Subway and Başkentray. Sincan Municipality, which will form a ring line with another rail system to two different rail systems, will combine both sides of the district.

Speaking to Ankara in the morning, Sincan Mayor Murat Ercan said, “This project is a project that we intend to merge with Başkentray and the subway. Of course, it is a very costly project. We want to start this business with a two kilometer line in the first place. This tram will also combine the new square we will create in Sincan with Fatih Metro Station. Our work on the project continues at full speed. ”

Sincan Mayor Murat Ercan stated that Sincan will not have any transportation problems in the near future, and stated that Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is planning to make ring trips to the subway from all neighborhoods in the district. Stating that preparations are continuing at full speed, Mayor Ercan said that they are in consultation with Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Tuna regarding all kinds of transportation problems of the district.


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