Science Expo Inspires the Future

science expo inspires the future
science expo inspires the future

finalists Turkey's most comprehensive event in the world's No. TK Science Expo project contest two projects MMG 3. R & D marked the summit.

The science and technology center of Bursa Science and Technology Center (Bursa BTM), which has made science a part of daily life with the aim of contributing to the education of the future qualified workforce, Science Expo makes the dreams of entrepreneur young people who are interested in science come true. The project competitions organized within the scope of the Science Expo, which attracts world-wide every year, began to bear fruit. MMG 3 in Istanbul. At the R & D and Innovation Summit, the two scholarships for the Turkish Airlines Science Expo 2018 project competition were announced. Azra Zeynep Uğurbaş and İbrahim Batı's 'Robotic-Controlled, Electrical Generating Irrigation System' project, which provides effective solutions to the energy problem within the scope of more efficiency with less energy developed by Azra Zeynep Uğurbaş and İbrahim Batı, provides efficient savings in agricultural irrigation developed by Yiğit Burak Kılıç won the appreciation of the participants. support domestic production in Turkey, technology investments, R & D work and organized to ensure that meet on a common platform of innovative initiatives, the regional development agency bebka stand at the summit with Bursa btm'n activities introduced finalist projects, he has seen intense interest of the company and agency representatives . Prof. Dr. Uludağ Technology Development Zone (ULUTEK) General Manager, who is in a productive cooperation with Bursa BTM. Dr. Mehmet Kanık and BEBKA Secretary General İsmail Gerim examined the finalist projects closely and congratulated the young people.

From dream to reality

BEBKA General Secretary İsmail Gerim, who stated that the Science Expo project competitions organized every year with the support of BEBKA and stakeholder organizations in order to support national technology investments and innovative ideas in this field, is a very important organization in order to train the qualified labor force of the future, atif MMG 3. In the R & D and Innovation Summit, the technology transfer offices of the universities carry out projects with companies and institutions. In such an environment, the young people entering the competition in the Science Expo Project competition have an idea about how they can express themselves and how they can develop their projects in the future. Ine We care about the future in the name of these summits where young people meet with professionals Böyle. Fehim Ferik, the General Coordinator of Bursa Science and Technology Center, pointed out that they gave support to the finalist projects with the launch of BEBKA as the Science and Technology Center of the Metropolitan Municipality. Thus Ferric indicating that they intended to ensure the sustainability of the project, "Every year we have organized the project contest from all over Turkey, more than a thousand years the project comes from the application. One of these projects, 50, is the finalist after the evaluation of the expert academic staff. A significant part of these projects are initiatives that have the potential to create added value. To date, the 5 project has been commercialized and the products produced under these projects were exported. In addition, one of our finalist projects found an angel investor. One of our 2 contestants who participated in the project competition was promoted in the institution, while the other one got the job in his dream. MMG 3 in Istanbul. The R & D and Innovation Summit was important for us in terms of seeing the power of Bursa BTM and Science Expo Ar.

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