Does Sakarya Metropolitan Railway System Work?

Sakarya is doing a big rail system
Sakarya is doing a big rail system

📩 06/11/2018 18:12

Answering questions from journalist Raif Ugan, President Toçoğlu made important statements about rail systems. Toçoğlu said that they were working on the desks and working on the subject.

Metropolitan Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu, SakaryadanTaraf NewspaperRaif Ugan's questions answered.

In recent days, the question asked about the rail systems in Sakarya frequently talked about the subject on the table and that they are working on the question of whether or not a rail work system.

Toçoğlu'nun to raise the standard of transport said there would be studies in the public aroused curiosity.

Toçoğlu'nun answer to the question as follows;


The most important public transportation vehicles in our age are undoubtedly the rail systems. Is it possible that I could be against this?

But there is a potential here. Are we going to make an investment in our country with a tax of 5 million euros per hour?

Transportation is always on our table. We make the necessary feasibility. We're seeing friends. When we first started working, we brought a holistic approach to transportation.

We've prepared our master plan. We realized new double roads, intersections and bridge works. We have strengthened our bus fleet with each passing day.

Like I said, this is on our table right now. We're working on it. Hopefully, we will work to increase the standard of transportation.


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