Chairman Zihni Şahin: Proj We are continuing 180 Project Başkan

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zihni Sahin, X Transportation and infrastructure, environment and landscape culture and tourism, service buildings, social facilities, education and sports, drinking water, sewerage, stream improvement, treatment facilities and rainwater, including 17 project in our district 180 . The amount of these projects is 960.406.487 TL. We also provide important services on behalf of the social municipality. Ayrıca

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zihni Şahin made a comprehensive statement about the ongoing projects and gave the following information:


In this context, the first stage of our project, Kılıçdede and Square between the environmental arrangement work has been completed; The tender between the second stage and the port junction was carried out on 13.06.2018.


By creating a port backcourt in the area of ​​approximately 130 hectares, new storage areas will be created to meet our logistic, cold storage and warehouse needs and logistical support will be provided. This is also the connection point of the Logistics Center Project and will have a draft depth of 12 m draft. Already 23 casting is continuing in the area.


Mayor of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Zihni Şahin gave detailed information about the works and made the following explanations: We have organized a very busy work program since 3 May 2018. We have implemented this program in our districts.

As a result of these intense studies 4 have made a total of 123 miles in a short time such as: 21,6 km concrete road, 250,7 km BSK road and 395,3 road surface covering road. Since our aim is to serve more and contribute to human life and comfort, 2019 is to eliminate all transportation problems in our neighborhoods by completing all the group paths that join our service network as of the end of the year. We will reach this goal with the permission of ALLAH.


02.05.2017 which was made on 3. Phase (L = 5,2 km between Kurupelit Son Durak-University Life Center) The light rail system project is in progress and test drives have been started as of 15 September 2018. Starting from the existing University Station, the Light Rail System Tram Line is being built on the OMU Campus Line. 5177 pieces viaduct structure with 300 m and 150 m length, 2 units with 340 m length 1 m (input portal 140 m, tunnel zone 70 m and exit port 130 m) Total 7 units station, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Dentistry , Vocational School of Health, Life Center, Faculty of Education and End of Line Dormitories stops. 3 units The new transformer center, 3 units are located at the highway level crossing, 6 unit radio base station. 112 m left, 108 m right and 75 m main connections, 295 m long steel overpass and 114 m long 1 mated concrete box which connects the steel overpass in front of the medical faculty. In addition, there are walking bands, including total 3 output and 3 units. Since the date we started to work within the scope of the Rail System tender; 140.000 m3 excavation, 62.000 m3 filling, 53.000 m3 concrete casting, 4600 Tone Rebar, 435 Tone Steel Fabrication, 194 pieces catenary pole, 10354 m line meter rail installation has been made and test / test driving has started as of September 15. The project costs 120 million pounds. Even the production of trains is still in progress.


Our Samsun has come a long way in terms of cultural and artistic life. It also has an important place in our country. In this context, it was decided to establish our Samsun Art Museum. The project of our art museum received an award. Its construction continues rapidly. We have completed 58% of the construction. I would like to thank our Deputy who initiated the project, our former mayor of the metropolitan municipality, and those who contributed. By God's permission, we are rapidly completing our Samsun museum. We also provide an important service to our Samsun. kazanwe will have risen.


Within the scope of our Kızılırmak Delta Bird Paradise Project, 2.271 m2 Wooden Piers, 306 m2 Parking Lots, 3.256 m2 Wooden Walkways and 602 m2 Suspension Bridge were awarded. Here, Kır Restaurant, Visitor Introduction Unit, Management Center Unit, Entrance Control Unit, Nature Training Center and Accommodation Center, Cernek Navigation Department, Wooden Walkways, Doğanca Visitor Presentation Center Construction works are ongoing. In addition, in order to accommodate national and international tourists, especially in the region, to spend more time in the region and to contribute more to the local economy, especially in the scope of the project, the arrangement of the old town hall located in Doğanca neighborhood as a boutique hotel with 54 rooms continues. .


Samsunsporumuz is the brand of our city. We support you to be successful. We make contributions. We will do our best for permanent facilities. We provided free transportation support to our devoted fans on the match days with our trams. We provided material support to our 75 sports club. We provide sports for our 700 athletes. Our aim is to keep young people away from bad habits. In this sense, I care about our support for sports.


When we took office, we completed the 26.156.534 project with a total amount of TL 7. 5 district 69.201.389 5 project is continuing the construction. In our 4 district, we set up an advanced technology treatment plant in the amount of 152.207.000 TL which we have received and secured in the program. With this 16 project, we create a service of approximately 247.000.000 TL.


In the scope of 36 project for drinking water, we have carried out and carried out the total amount of 115.553.537 TL. We're realizing it.


3 20.827.750 TL for the project. We conduct a study in amount.


Within the scope of 17 project, we are conducting a study of 60.500.000.


The 3 project is in progress. These projects amount to 11.332.500 pounds.

In total, we continue the 75 project in the infrastructure.

In addition, since April 1, 2024, when the Metropolitan Law was put into effect in our province of Samsun, studies have been carried out within the scope of drinking water, treatment plant, sewage and stream improvement in the unit prices of TL today. I would like to thank our Samsun Deputy and former Metropolitan Mayor, Mr. Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz. As I mentioned above, we provide important infrastructure and superstructure services to our Samsun and 17 districts. kazanwe are trying to climb.

Alaçam square environmental regulations, Kirazlık Mosque construction, Geyikkoşan facilities, facade arrangements, Lâdik social facilities, Terme saski building continues to work such as many projects. " said.

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