Şahin'dan Aktaş'a Ray Disassembly Proposal

Former Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor candidate Necati Sahin is not on the political stage.
Although we call it a 'fallow' in the old phrase, we see from time to time that it makes warnings and suggestions about the city from social media.
Sahin, who shared what he saw in Güzelyalı and Mudanya with his social media accounts with the first lights of the morning, does not stop saying that they have determined about Bursa and the city center and found that they find themselves wrong.
Sahin, the last branch of the Chamber of Civil Engineers in Bursa, while found the construction is wrong and the planning decisions of the court moved to the Republic and Incirli Street has a new proposal for the nostalgic tram.
Sahin, 'Nostalgic tram what to do?' See what you can see with the title:
Başka As you know, Cumhuriyet Caddesi-İnönü Caddesi junction-Kayhan Bazaar from the Fire Station is on the six-Gökdere Junction-İncirli Street and it runs through a single line, as if carrying passengers, but not as a transport actor, but rather as a cause of chaos. we see old tram cars that are nostailng in places. ler
Necati Sahin then explains why they are opposed to it:
Di All technical experts, Bursalılar, Cumhuriyet Street, Kayhan Bazaar and İncirli Street traders have been ignored.
Moreover, the courts of the Republic of Turkey, as in T-1 Tram Line Based on expert expert's report has canceled plans for the reconstruction of the tram line. The court decision was finalized and unfortunately was not implemented by the past administration. Mahkeme
Şahin continues his observations:
“Later, a woman who walked on the sidewalk on İncirli Street and came to Bursa as a guest lost her life as a result of a tram hit. For the accident of this scrap tram, which is more valuable than the value given to cows in India, BURULAŞ General Manager of the period declared unfortunate and irresponsible; “A female citizen died in Incirli Street by hitting the tram.”
Sahin wants to ask the citizen the future of the tram line and suggests:
Unlar Cumhuriyet Street, Kayhan Bazaar, Ask the tradesmen of İncirli Street. They will see that one of our nurses is not happy with this practice.
Our suggestion is; The tram can run at a very low speed, as in Istanbul Istiklal Street, in the section up to the Fire Station Square-İnönü Street, which has been pedestrianized on Cumhuriyet Street. Following İnönü Caddesi, Cumhuriyet Caddesi continued, the Kayhan Bazaar, the Gökdere Junction, the single-line tram route in İncirli Street, must be urgently canceled and opened to normal traffic. Especially, in İncirli Street, tradesmen are very victims in the direction of travel, and even pedestrians cannot use the pavement safely. I think that in that region of Bursa, a serious relief will be provided both in terms of life safety, commercial and transportation. ”
Sahin expressed his expectation as follows:
Iz We hope to witness the removal of the rails in this area. We hope that our Mayor and Burulaş General Manager who will take this position with management change will examine the subject meticulously. Yönetim
We do not know how much of a response to the front, but we do not know that Sahin, as a lover of Bursa seems to continue to make recommendations to local administrators.

Source: İhsan Aydın - www.olay.com.t is



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