New Railroad Between China and Russia

A new transportation railway was put into service on the China-Russia line. Departing from Delingha, China, the train will travel 12 kilometers in 4345 days and reach the city of Barnaul in Russia.

The first train departs on the new railway line to be used for freight transport between China and Europe. The destination of the train departing from Delingha city in Qinghai Province of China is Russia.

The train loaded with a chemical container will pass through Alataw Pass in Sincan Uyghur Region, cross Kazakhstan and arrive in Barnaul, Russia.

Train 4 bin will take the 345 kilometer way 12 a day.
As of June 30, the Chinese freight rail network reaches 48 cities. 42 of them are European cities. 2011 thousand flights have been carried out on these lines since March 10.

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