MHP Düzce Deputy Yilmaz took the High Speed ​​Train

mhp duzce deputy yilmaz gundemine took the quick train
mhp duzce deputy yilmaz gundemine took the quick train

📩 08/11/2018 17:57

Speaking at the Grand National Assembly of the Parliament of the MHP Düzce Ümit Yilmaz, "Istanbul-Ankara line between the line of YHT made in parallel to be connected and this line Ankara-Kizilcahamam-Gerede-Bolu-Duzce-Hendek-Sakarya-Izmit-Gebze and Istanbul should be determined," he said.

Grand National Assembly of Turkey (Parliament) of the opening after the price of hazelnuts his first speech in parliament, the manufacturer's favor again Nationalist Movement Party engaged for determining (MHP) Duzce Deputy Umit Yilmaz this time the agenda of the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) took line.

Tı There is an increase in traffic accidents in Düzce Kan Yılmaz, who submitted a law proposal to the parliament regarding the “Amendment of Highways Traffic Law and Some Laws ce, made a remarkable determination to solve the transportation problems in Düzce. In his speech, transferring traffic accidents in Düzce, the transfer of the first phase of the following information Yilmaz made the following information:

Dir Duzce 2 is a city in the middle of the mainland, although it is located at the point of connection to Zonguldak and its districts from the provinces of western Black Sea. The population of our province is 380. 2018 injury accident occurred in 785 in our city in the 364. In this accident, thousand of 799 citizens were injured, 602 was a financially damaged accident and a thousand XNUMX accidents occurred. Buna

The route demanded to be passed from Düzce also demanding the re-determination of the YHT line Yilmaz, the determination of the route should be found in Düzce also noted the following:

İstanbul Istanbul-Ankara, where the traffic is very intense, should be connected with the YHT line to be made parallel to the highway between the two cities and this line should be determined as Ankara-Kızılcahamam- Gerede- Bolu-Düzce- Hendek- Sakarya- İzmit- Gebze and İstanbul. “

Ilan If it passes the foreseen route, it pays 9 annually çıkar Indicating that the route that is to be determined is not a route which is looked at with regional interests, Yılmaz said:

Acak The route we would like to pass the YHT will provide the country with the busiest traffic flow and will also contribute to the country's economy. The serious studies about the route we want to pass were made by the Faculty of Technology of Düzce University. As a result of these studies, if the high-speed train passes through the foreseen route, 9 will pay off as much as the year and the efficiency will be much higher than the planned line. The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure that we want to listen to the voice of us and our university and the correct assessment is to be done. Ün Yılmaz stressed that this law proposal will be supported by the MHP.

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