Çorlu Train Accidents Without Meteorology Specialist


Çorlu, 25 people were killed and 341 people were injured, which was released pending trial on the train tragedy Road Maintenance and Repair Supervisor Özkan Polat, Turkey State Railways (TCDD) announced that the meteorological unit and experts. Polat stated that they followed the news of meteorology and the weather was clear and normal on the day of the accident. There was no information about excessive rainfall from any source, Herhangi he said.

Independent Transport Workers Union (BTS) Chairman Hasan Bektaş also stated that there is no meteorological unit in TCDD and that cooperation with the General Directorate of Meteorology has not been established. Bek The importance of this service has emerged after Çorlu. Employees were either learning to weather the weather, or were learning from a variety of news sources. Everyone was taking care of themselves. This accident showed that the meteorology unit is definitely needed. For example, there is a meteorology unit at airports. However, we do not have daily or weekly information flow. However, we have seen the great need for the institution to be warned when there is air movement above normal. If TCDD had been warned, the measure would be taken and that would not be an accident. T

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Source : the site www.hurriyet.com.tr

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