Merzifon OSB also will be a fast train opportunity

merzifon osbde will be a fast train opportunity
merzifon osbde will be a fast train opportunity

Governor of Amasya Osman Varol was in Merzifon district in order to examine the infrastructure works in the newly allocated area for investors in Merzifon Organized Industrial Zone. The Governor Dr. Osman Varol, deputies Hasan Çilez and Levent Karahocagil, Merzifon Governor Gürkan Demirkale, Merzifon Mayor Alp Kargı, Merzifon OSB Manager Hasbi Altuntaş and members of the board and members of the press attended.

Amasya Merzifon Organized Industrial Zone, the first stage of a circle of land parceling operations have been completed and 41 parcels a total area of ​​industrial area was established 244.000 meter². Substructure construction projects of the region have been completed and the tender will be made by the Ministry of Industry and Technology.

In order to meet the intense investment demands in Merzifon Organized Industrial Zone, the process of allocating 10 meters² industrial parcels to the 71.167 companies was started. The next stage will be allocated to other demanding investors.

Today, the 10 firm will invest approximately 55 million TL in the Merzifon Industrial Zone from the beginning to the end of the allocation process and will employ 1015 people. It is also targeted to export 10 million TL annually.

Governor Osman is a very advantageous point for the transportation of existing, he said: "On the one hand the port of Samsun to the proximity, on the other hand the presence of Turkey's busiest highway line from one full crossroads, airport with almost the speed train project to be realized to have nested and soon our government The fact that our OSB will be located almost at the bottom of the station is that today it is in a position to have a transportation infrastructure which is necessary for a real production base for OIZ. OS

Mustafa Levent Karahocagil deputy Amasya deputy, remembered the efforts made for the creation of the factory and the producer's side, while the deputy Hasan Çilez still operating in the region 41 4 company emphasized that a thousand people employed.

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